We're proudly Australian!

Live from Brisvegas.

Sausage Roll is a Brisbane, Australia, based pop-press catered for an international Audience. We try our best to engage with and promote artists and content creators from all around Australia.

Why Sausage Roll?

Our publication name seems to go over a lot of people’s heads. When coming up with the name, we thought… what do all Aussies love? The answer was simple; Sausage Roll. We are a blend of pop-culture news rolled into a saucy feed and delivered freshly to you!

Our credibility!

We're professionally acreddited

We here at Sausage Roll pride ourselves with journalistic integrity. The majority of our writers are MEAA accredited. Since we also allow anonymous sources to send information, all unconfirmed news sent in by our sources and corespondents are marked as rumours.


Business Information

Company: Sausage Roll
ABN: 82 907 613 051
Address: P.O. Box 81, Redbank, QLD, 4301, Australia
Business Inquiries: [email protected]
News Tips: [email protected]



I'm the founder of Sausage Roll. I have two decades worth of experience working in entertainment and media under my belt. I started as a simpleton contributing author for Platform Nation and Next Gen News. I then founded my own Icelandic entertainment press, SCENE.IS, which quickly grew to become one of the most popular pop-culture presses on the tiny volcanic island. With my connections and know-how, I moved back to Australia to launch Sausage Roll which is now Australia's fastest growing pop-culture news source.


Shawna is huge Married at First Sight fan and a proud member of the LGBTQ community.


I was born in Norway and am an experienced game designer who has interned for some of the biggest studios in Europe. I'm now now enjoying the hot Australian sun while writing about my past and passions. You can follow me on Twitter @ErinaWins or contact me via email at [email protected]


I am a former, albeit small time, reality TV producer and currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Through my many years of working in television I've met some interesting people who you could call "insider sources". I still remember my days as a first A.D; kids, don't ever aspire to be first A.Ds. Follow me on Twitter @dianneoflaughter or send me an email to [email protected]