Sausage Roll Affiliates

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  •  An active social media account or Facebook page with at least 5,000 followers (or)
  •  A blog with at least 100,000 monthly visitors.
  • PayPal account.


Affiliates will be paid 10% of the revenue earned if total clicks is under 100,000. If the affiliate receives over 100,000 clicks they will be paid 20% of the revenue earned from those articles that month. Payments will be calculated according to the average RPM 30 days from when the article is shared. (ie. 99,000 views at USD$10RPM at 10% = USD$99.00 or 101,000 views at USD$10RPM at 20% = USD$202) There is a $50USD minimum threshold required for payment.  If the affiliate earns less than that in one month their earnings will rollover to the following month. Earnings will be paid in full via PayPal on Net 65.