NBC’s The Blacklist could be cancelled for not being politically correct

The hit television series “The Blacklist” starring James Spader now has a problematic and racist name according to Silicon Valley billionaires.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other big tech giants are stepping up their censorship game by introducing new words to their blacklist, and that includes the word blacklist.

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Blacklist has been added to Silicon Valleys blacklist as it now considered to be racist. Although this word has never been considered problematic before, somehow George Floyd’s death changed that.

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A blacklist is a database of anything regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy and should be excluded or avoided. It can also include things like unacceptable words, and, in this case, “blacklist” has been added to the Twitter list because the word “black” is perceptibly used in a negative way.

However, the term originally meant to cross or “black” someone of a list. It literally described the action of “blacking something out.” This term is now considering offensive and the politically correct term according to Silicon Valley billionaires is “denylist.”

If these new politically correct terms become the norm it could mean the end for the hit NBC series “The Blacklist” which is about to head into its 8th season.

Nobody wants to see “The Blacklist” cancelled but unfortunately lot of shows are being targeted today because they’re not progressive enough. We’ve seen episodes pulled for using offensive language, and entire series cancelled for the use of blackface.

Two major YouTubers had their entire careers end over night because — all of the sudden — people thought their old content wasn’t politically correct enough. Jenna Marbles quit YouTube after a hate mob harassed her off the internet. Even proud and loud gay content creator Shane Dawson was targeted by the cancel culture cult for doing a rap parody video where he used makeup to make his skin look darker. All three of his channels were demonetised on YouTube and shops pulled all of his merch off the shelves, essentially ending his career.

The Blacklist season 8 cancelled

Could season 8 of “The Blacklist” be cancelled if the name is considered racist and not politically correct?

There’s no way that NBC could simply rename the series to “The Denylist” so if the term gets added Anti-Defamation League’s list of hateful and racist words, it is very likely that you won’t see “The Blacklist” season 8.

The producers have yet commented on the situation and, as far as I know, they still have plans for season 8.

Do you think the term “blacklist” is racist? Let us know in the comments below.

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