Unwoke: The Job Site Fighting Against Cancel Culture

Launched last week, Unwoke.hr is a job board for employers who want to find employees without the regular constraints of ‘woke’ culture.

In recent weeks, the Internet has seen a surge in ‘Cancel Culture’, a concept where a person is targeted, doxxed and harassed by online mobs in the name of social justice. Many celebrities have partaken in cancel culture, urging their followers to attack anyone they deem politically incorrect.

NEWS: Japanese pop-star called racist for using wrong emoji.

A textbook example of this was seen back in June, when former Disney star Skai Jackson used her Twitter following to doxx minors for quoting memes. 

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Right now, cancel culture runs rampant online, ruining the lives of children and adults alike just for expressing controversial speech. Usually, being ‘cancelled’ renders a person unemployable for life. But one new job seeking website seeks to change that.

Unwoke fights against cancel and woke culture

The Unwoke job board was launched on July 16th, 2020, with the goal of ‘unwoking’ the hiring process. The ‘About’ page of the Unwoke website states the following:

“The modern workplace has become a hotpot [sic] for unchallenged radical thinking and left wing ideology. Our mission is to advance society based on a culture of enlightenment, beauty, truth and freedom through free market initiatives. First up – unwoking work.”

Unwoke encourages “merit-based hiring”, and does not list the race or ethnicity of any applicants. Employers select potential employees on their application and achievements alone.

Karen doesn’t like this job seeking site

However, given that the site ran in direct opposition to woke online culture, it was inevitable that Unwoke would be the target of the very people it aimed to oppose. The site went viral soon after its launch, and was met with outrage by social justice advocates online.

Angela Jarosz wants to cancel Unwoke

Within 30 minutes of Unwoke going online, an influx of hackers and trolls flocked to the site, with fake names such as ‘Dick Sucker’, ‘Nut Eater’ and ‘Cringey White Supremacist Incel’.

Soon after this, the site was XSS-attacked by a Twitter troll, hacking the site to display a crossed-out swastika and the Big Chungus meme. Vice Media wrote an article about the site, in which they express support for the trolls, and by extension, woke culture.

The Unwoke team fired back in an update they posted on their site, where they remained boldly unapologetic. 

“To whom it may concern,

We understand that a very small but loud group of people have taken serious offense by the Unwoke Platform.

– We don’t care.”

Excerpt from the statement, which is available here.

In the same post, the creators of Unwoke reveal that the platform was created in a single weekend, in order to test out the concept.

The Unwoke team deny any allegations of the site having a ‘rocky start’, and thank the hackers who pointed out which areas they needed to improve.

They also threaten a defamation lawsuit against Vice Media for their article, which allegedly linked the site to “white supremacists”. It is unknown if a suit has been filed at this time.

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