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5 Steven Spielberg movies you didn’t know were happening

Steven Spielberg is a name synonymous with great cinema. He has let a little magic into our lives with his movies and will for years to come. The king of the big-screen has no plans of...

Elsa Clement is Australia’s Beyoncé

Elsa Clement, a dainty little girl with braided hair took the stage yesterday on The Voice Australia and I don't think anyone was expecting what happened next. Australia just discovered their very own Beyoncé.

Five Excuses to Avoid When Pulling a Sickie

With the recent turn in temperature confirming that winter is well-and-truly here, Australian workers are set to start dropping like flies. Thursday 13th June will be the nation’s biggest sick day according to data from Deliveroo for Business. 

Fans Become Unhinged Over Jack Vidgen Meme

Jack Vidgen's All-Star return to The Voice Australia on Sunday night has inspired the creation of a meme that has many fans outraged. It's been 8 years since we last saw Jack...

Ines Basic: 5 Times We Thought She was a Sociopath

Ines Basic may not have been the most controversial participant in the last season of Married at First Sight, but she was certainly the most terrifying. These are the 5 times we actually thought that...

Pattinson Allegedly ‘Safer Choice’ for Batman

Robert Pattinson has nabbed the role of Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming film and he has his fan-base to thank for that. Pattinson allegedly scored the role because he was the 'safer choice.' This casting choice...

Awesome Overwatch Goodies Available at EB Games

Electronics Boutique (EB Games) Australia are now selling a bunch of awesome Overwatch merchandise. You can get action figures, a d.Va nerf gun and a collector's edition Overwatch monopoly game. Australian...

MAFS: Ines Basic Gets Naked for Cash

We all watched in horror as Ines Basic called Bronson human trash because he stripped for money on the 6th season of MAFS Australia. Now she is doing the same. Ines Basic was...

The Voice: Ellen Reed Blames Producers for Ruined Career

Ellen Reed's return to The Voice Australia didn't exactly go as planned. From runner up to a huge let down, Ellen's performance was one of the worst we've seen this season. You'd expect...

International Burger Day: Deliveroo Now Deliver You

In celebration of International Burger Day (May 28), a lucky Deliveroo customer will win an instant holiday, and be whisked away to Noosa - the coastal hometown of Betty’s Burgers.  From Friday 24th May until Tuesday 28th May,...

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Sonic The Hedgehog movie called ‘homophobic’ by Birds of Prey fans

People are warning parents not to take their children to see Sonic The Hedgehog because it encourages...
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Is Trinity The One? She saves Neo in leaked The Matrix 4 BTS video

Has Neo (Keanu Reeves) lost his powers? New behind-the-scenes footage shows Trinity saving Neo as they leap from a building in The...

Marvel seriously considering replacing Brie Larson with a person of colour

The petition to replace Brie Larson as Captain Marvel for a woman of colour is now at 30k signatures and Disney/Marvel are...

Manchester City banned from Europe for 2 years for FFP violation

Manchester City receive 2 year ban from all EUFA competitions after serious Financial Fair Play violation. Looks like Manchester...

Miley Cyrus breaks Instagram rules by posting almost nude picture

Miley Cyrus says, "Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon," after posting nip-slip but the picture is still up!
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