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Paw Patrol cancelled by Anti-Cop and Black Lives Matter protesters

Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol is the latest 'good cop' television show to come under fire by Anti-Cop and BLM activists. Might be cancelled. The popular Nickelodeon children television show that depicts dogs as cops is...

Cult classic comedy Little Britain cancelled for ‘racist’ blackface sketch

The over-the-top satirical cult classic comedy show, Little Britain, has been completely banned at the demand of BLM activist for a blackface skit.  BBC iPlayer, Netflix and BritBox have completely pulled the show. Matt...

Abuser Amber Heard joins Black Lives Matter protest with staged photo

Although she's not the only celebrity who wants to dismantle and defund the police, Amber Heard -- who relied on the police to detain her Depp for false allegations -- is now a staunch supporter.

Seth Rogen doesn’t think #AllLivesMatter and wants you to boycott him

Canadian stoner and comedian Seth Rogen has told people who think all lives matter, or cop lives matter, that he doesn't want them watching his movies. The Black Lives Matter protest have now spread...

John Boyega has Disney’s support after rallying angry protesters in the UK

John Boyega said he doesn't care about ending his career after citing angry protesters to fight against white racists in the UK. John Boyega believes that black people do not have the same rights...

Debra Messing tweets fake photo of Hitler, Trump “dog whistle for Nazis”

Far-left Hollywood b-list celebrity actress tweeted a doctored photo of Hitler holding the bible, comparing it to a similar photo of Trump and claiming it is a symbol for "white nationalism and Nazis. Debra...

Spotify setting up to compete against YouTube 2021 with video streaming

Spotify will be delivering video content to users later this year and has already approached big YouTubers for exclusivity deals. Could they take on YouTube in 2021? YouTube is not the platform that it...

GLOW Season 4 finale ‘The Final Match’ will break your heart

In September, 2019, Netflix surprised fans with the announcement that GLOW is returning for its 4th and final season... but the word on the street is, it's going to break your heart. The fans...

Aussie feminist Clementine Ford wants more men to die from COVID-19

Clementine Ford, Australian feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker, received backlash for "Coronavirus is not killing men fast enough" Tweet. Many have lost friends and family members to the deadly new virus that has...

Disney have big plans for Alita trilogy but they won’t announce them… yet

Disney is not done with Alita: Battle Angel and allegedly have big plans for the franchise moving forth, unfortunately, we don't hear about them until next year. Alita: Battle Angel was the sleeper hit...

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Google and Twitter censor Fourth of July and won’t be celebrating it

Tech giants Google and Twitter have actively decided not to promote the American Independence Day holiday and...
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Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson wanted as next U.S. president

People are calling for the Fox News political commentator to run for president as Tucker Carlson Tonight ratings break records.

NBC’s The Blacklist could be cancelled for not being politically correct

The hit television series "The Blacklist" starring James Spader now has a problematic and racist name according to Silicon Valley billionaires.

Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, 31, dead days after sexual allegations

The World of Warcraft streamer was found dead only days after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Twitch partner Indiefoxx.

Sting (WatchSting) streaming reportedly has some pretty big investors

Brime has been proven to be a very small startup, but now people are focusing on Sting; they might have some big...