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Celebrity Marriages, Babies, Divorces and Relationships in 2021

Find out what celebrity relationships or hot and which ones or not. From flings to lasting things; which celebs are tying the knot and having babies. Celebrity relationships are big news, particularly when both halves of the partnership are famous...

Jake Paul beat Ben Askren with controversial knockout in under 1 minute

Jake Paul knocked out pro MMA UFC fighter in less than a minute in Fight Club but fans believe the referee call the game too soon. Problem Child Jake Paul is now 3 for 3 with three consecutive knockout victories...

GoDaddy threaten to delete domains for made up policy violations

GoDaddy are doing an 'audit' and are lodging false compliance policy notices against specific sites to Domain Administrations in order to have them deleted. It's scary to know that your livelihood can be snuffed in an instant by a disgruntled...

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Big tech silence Johnny Depp and censor Amber Heard evidence

Johnny Depp and his attorney banned from Twitter. YouTube videos discussing Amber Heard evidence taken down, and media being...