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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Australian release date

Prepare to go dark, Modern Warfare is back! The most celebrated series in Call of Duty will make its highly-anticipated return when Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® launches October 25thin a powerful experience reimagined from the ground-up.  The...

Xbox Game Pass Coming to PC

Last week Microsoft announced that PC gamers will have access to the Xbox game library via the Xbox Game Pass later this year. Introducing Xbox Game Pass Designed for PC Players

Analysis: Last of Us 2 to be PlayStation 5 Launch Title

Sony's silence on the Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part II) and the imminent PlayStation 5 announcement could very well be connected.

MAG: The Greatest Game You Never Played

Almost 10 years ago the greatest first person shooter came out and most of you probably never heard of it, never got to play it and never will. 26th of January, 2010, Sony...

10 European Words Everyone Needs to Know

Looking to bail on the Aussie winter this year? Why not head to Europe? You don't have to worry about lookin' the fool - Babbel's got you covered. While Australia is going through...

Catch Xbox’s E3 Keynote in Australia and New Zealand

Want to get the E3 experience without travelling all the way to Los Angeles? Now can with Xbox GrE3n carpet event at selected Hoyts cinemas around Australia and New Zealand.

Xbox’s Project xCloud is the Next-Gen of Backwards Compatibility

Last fall Xbox announced their new game-streaming technology Project xCloud. This new technology will allow you to play the games you want, on the device you want with the people you want. The...

All Rise of the Mech Buffs & Additions

Hearthstone fans should be thrilled to know that Blizzard are adding buffs to mech themed cards ahead of the upcoming Rise of the Mech event. The Rise of the Mech event will start...

Aussie Twitch Streamer Role-Plays Aussie Cop

People don't know real police brutality until they've been pulled over by an Australian cop! Aussie Twitch Streamer, Deftonix, is giving Americans the taste of Aussie justice by pulling people over in Grand...

About Me

I was born in Norway and am an experienced game designer who has interned for some of the biggest studios in Europe. I'm now now enjoying the hot Australian sun while writing about my past and passions. You can follow me on Twitter @ErinaWins or contact me via email at [email protected]
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Latest News

Sonic The Hedgehog movie called ‘homophobic’ by Birds of Prey fans

People are warning parents not to take their children to see Sonic The Hedgehog because it encourages...
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Is Trinity The One? She saves Neo in leaked The Matrix 4 BTS video

Has Neo (Keanu Reeves) lost his powers? New behind-the-scenes footage shows Trinity saving Neo as they leap from a building in The...

Marvel seriously considering replacing Brie Larson with a person of colour

The petition to replace Brie Larson as Captain Marvel for a woman of colour is now at 30k signatures and Disney/Marvel are...

Manchester City banned from Europe for 2 years for FFP violation

Manchester City receive 2 year ban from all EUFA competitions after serious Financial Fair Play violation. Looks like Manchester...

Miley Cyrus breaks Instagram rules by posting almost nude picture

Miley Cyrus says, "Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon," after posting nip-slip but the picture is still up!
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