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VIDEO: Zoom trolls flooded Twitter hacker’s trial with loud music & porn

Last week, Twitter hacker Graham Clark appeared via Zoom for an online bond hearing. However, the trial was disrupted by hackers flooding screens with loud music and porn videos. On July 31st, 17-year-old Graham Clark was arrested for allegedly ‘masterminding’...

Graham Clark, 17, arrested for hacking Elon Musk, Kanye West & others

A Florida teen was arrested yesterday after hacking 130 celebrity Twitter accounts for Bitcoin scam in company's largest security breach. On July 15th, Twitter suffered the biggest security and privacy breach in its 14-year history. Some of the world’s...

Unwoke: The Job Site Fighting Against Cancel Culture

Launched last week, is a job board for employers who want to find employees without the regular constraints of ‘woke’ culture. In recent weeks, the Internet has seen a surge in ‘Cancel Culture’, a concept where a person is...

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