Ethan James

Graham Clark, 17, arrested for hacking Elon Musk, Kanye West & others

A Florida teen was arrested yesterday after hacking 130 celebrity Twitter accounts for Bitcoin scam in company's largest security breach. On July 15th, Twitter suffered the biggest security and privacy breach in its...

Unwoke: The Job Site Fighting Against Cancel Culture

Launched last week, is a job board for employers who want to find employees without the regular constraints of ‘woke’ culture. In recent weeks, the Internet has seen a surge in ‘Cancel Culture’,...

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I am a young writer and aspiring journalist, currently based in Australia. I believe humans create their own meaning in life, and the way I see it, I find meaning in writing.

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Dr DisRespect is live on YouTube, first time since ban

The Doc posted a sombre music video called "Red Skies" moments before announcing his return on YouTube....

Zoe Saldana apologises for Nina Simone role for not being black enough

Zoe Saldana has been forced to apologise for playing Nina Simone because her skin isn't dark enough to play the American singer.

Pokimane mod reveals “boyfriend” is a banned word in her Twitch chat

One of Pokimane's Twitch mods just leaked the list of words she has banned from her chat; including "boyfriend" and "leafy". It's...

Jake Paul LA mansion raided by FBI and illegal guns found [UPDATE]

The Jake Paul LA mansion was raided by the FBI and a team of heavily armed agents in armoured trucks this morning;...

DiCaprio vows to destroy Johnny Depp’s career for Amber Heard “smear”

Leonardo DiCaprio is not happy that his name "is being dragged through the mud," and says that he'll make sure that Depp...