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Fox considering recreating a diverse Firefly limited series

One of the only things holding Fox back from bringing back the cult-classic "Firefly" is trying to figure out how to 'reinvent it for today'. Joss Whedon's Firefly, despite its cult like following,...

MAFS Jessika Power illegally streamed the Zerafa v Horn 2 fight

Last night's Main Event, Zerafa v Horn 2, didn't come cheap. It cost viewers AUD$59.90, that is, of course, unless you are one of Jessika Power's 220k Instagram followers. Then you got to see it for free,...

Michael Zerafa gets knocked out twice by QLDer Jeff Horn

Michael Zerafa may have been a fan favourite with the girls in tonight's boxing match up, but he got the crap punched out of him twice by the Queensland born, Jeffrey Horn. The...

You need to binge watch The Godfather trilogy on Stan this weekend

The greatest film trilogy, bar none, is now available to watch on Stan. Watch Al Pacino and Marlon Brando give Oscar winning performances in the all-time classic film series, The Godfather. You need to binge watch...

Modern Warfare Alpha launches on PlayStation this week

Activision broke some exciting news for PlayStation 4 owners at Gamescom. You can download and play the Modern Warfare Alpha on the 24th of August. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of...

4 new Showtime Originals coming to Stan

Here are 4 new stellar Showtime originals coming later this year to Stan. See Bryan Cranston in Your Honor and a whole lot more. There is not shortage of great shows when it...

Michael B. Jordan isn’t replacing Keanu Reeves in Matrix 4

Michael B. Jordan isn't replacing Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 4. Leaks from 2017 reveal that he was cast as a young Morpheus and the new film is prequel. Anyone that has been...

Want a Free Copy of Vikings Season 5, Volume 2?

Sælir og blessaðir ! That means 'Greeting!' in the old Norse tongue. Now that you are here, we've got some wonderful news we would love to share with you. Sausage Roll may be...

Activision Fires SledgeHammer – A Blessing in Disguise

Not at all surprised! SledgeHammer Games have completely botched their Call of Duty game. According to insiders it is an unplayable mess. What exactly does this mean for the franchise going forward?

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Shawna is huge Married at First Sight fan and a proud member of the LGBTQ community.
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Dr. Disrespect might be heading to Spotify in September, Nickmercs hints

After receiving a donation from Dr. Disrespect, Nickmercs hinted at the reason why he was banned. The...
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Skyrim for PlayStation 5 appears on Amazon and Bethesda gets slammed

Skyrim Special Edition for the PS5 popped on on Amazon France for $115AUD and Blizzard are getting slammed by disappointed fans.

“Won’t stop until he’s dead,” James Charles plot against Shane exposed

Shocking email alleges that James Charles and his fans ("sisters") plotted to ruin Shane Dawson's life and career in private chat.

JoyFreak is the best alternative to ResetEra after Angry Joe ban

JoyFreak, a fresh new gaming forum, is exploding in popularity as ResetEra is losing members after banning prominent industry figures.

Halle Berry steps down from transgender role after being called a bigot

Halle Berry was forced to walk away from a role where she'd play a transgender character after a mob of angry LGBTQ+...