Alita: Battle Angel exploded in popularity after James Cameron gave her a live-action film adaptation. Now popular cosplayers are dressing up as their favourite cyberpunk hero. These are the best Alita cosplay pictures we found.

There’s something so special about Alita: Battle Angel that makes her a favourite among manga fans. Perhaps it big eyes, or even bigger heart. Or perhaps it is because, despite being almost entirely cyborg, she is one of the most human heroes to hit the big screen in a long while. Fans melted when she was literally willing to give her heart to the person she loved.

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Alita: Battle Angel is one of this years biggest sleeper hits. It did good at the box office pulling in USD$400mil internationally despite of its lacklustre advertising campaign and that debuted at number 1 beating Captain Marvel in home media sales.

James Cameron has plans for a trilogy and the sequel aptly titled Alita: Fallen Angel is one of the most searched films on Google making it one of the most anticipated upcoming films. Although the film has not yet been greenlit by Disney, Cameron is confident that we will get a sequel.

The anticipation for the sequel is quite palpable, even popular cosplayers have shown their love by designing some amazing costumes and embodying the role of the battle hardened babe.

Here are the top 5 Alita cosplay pictures we found on Instagram. Make sure to visit their Instagram profiles and show some appreciation. If the Instagram embeds don’t load you might need to head on to our official page to read this article. Also, let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

5Alita in pyjamas @mils.cosplay_

Alita cosplay pictures by @mils.cosplay_

Mils makes the list for two reason: her originality and immaculate detail. There is so much detail in the body paint that you really need to double-take just make sure she’s not actually a cyborg. A lot of people also prefer cosplay Alita: Battle Angel when she has the upgraded body and is battle ready, but Mils captures her at her most vulnerable; when she is in her pyjamas. Even heroes need to sleep, right?

Like what you see? Make sure you go check out her other cosplay pictures, she only has a few hundred followers but is an absolutely amazing cosplay artist.