There are some characters that you just shouldn’t cosplay as, Luci is one of them. But people have turned the little demon into a non-binary gendered emo.

Luci (Disenchantment) is a demon from Hell who has been magically summoned by the Enchantress and Emperor Cloyd of Maru to act as their “emissary”. He is presented to Bean in the form of a wedding gift. He also plays the part of Princess Bean’s inner, or personal, demon, often leading her down temptation’s wing.

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Luci looks like a tiny cat-like shadow. He has two small horns and a pointy tail. Like a shadow, Luci is also pitch black and he is only ever animated facing either left or right revealing one large eye. This proves that he does not actually have a 3D physical form as the demon only has one large eye which can be seen regardless of the direction he is facing, and thus is only animated in 2D.

Even the most talented cosplayer would struggle doing Luci. There’s a certain art to cosplaying and overdoing it could mean the artists just ends up looking like a Halloween reject or cheap mascot. But that hasn’t stopped some people from dying trying… and the results are kind of cringe-worthy.

These attempts at cosplay just remind me of really terrible TikTok video. Okay, well I just realised a lot of these are made with TikTok, so that explains that. Most of these you wouldn’t even know it’s Luci from Disenchantment if it wasn’t for them using the #lucicosplay hashtag. Watch them and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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10Chemistry by @latharna_

Luci cosplay by @latharna_ (Disenchantment cosplay)

I have to give props when they are deserved. This photo does have some production value. Nice location, nice lighting, and all that jazz. But seeing Luci turned into an emo lover just doesn’t feel right.

The picture above shows exactly how I feel. Remember, if you like what you see, go follow them to show some support. But now I warn you, it only gets worse from here.