Jeffrey Epstein was a well connected man. He also invited A-list celebrities to his creepy island. Here are 10 famous celebrities mentioned in Epstein’s black book.

Jeffrey Epstein, a millionaire financier who was facing human trafficking charges, was found dead in his jail cell, ABC News reported Saturday.

Epstein, aged 66, had committed suicide, officials told ABC News. The news broke only a few weeks after Epstein was discovered injured in his jail cell after an alleged suicide attempt. After the event Epstein was placed on suicide watch by authorities.

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What more, the surveillance cameras allegedly malfunctioned so there is no video footage of the incident. U.S. Attorney General William Barr has called for a full-fledged investigation into his death. But why are the circumstances of Epstein’s death so suspicious? Who was Jeffrey Epstein?

Who was Jeffrey Epstein?

Epstein and Maxwell | Sausage Roll

Jeffrey Epstein was a financier to some high-profile billionaires before he started his own business. He became so rich that he bought his own island and private jet. His private jet was called “The Lolita Express” and his island was dubbed the “Island of Sin”. Pretty creepy stuff, right? Well, it doesn’t end there.

Epstein had previously been accused of using his island for depraved orgies involving minors. He would fly famous celebrities and powerful politicians over to his island on his private jet called the “Lolita Express” where they allegedly engaged in illegal erotic activities.

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When the FBI raided his island mansion they found hidden cameras in nearly every room. They also found CDs marked “Girl [AGE] – name and name” indicating that he filmed his guests in action and possibly used the material to blackmail them.

The day before Epstein died he agreed to a plea deal for a shorter sentence where he would name other individuals involved in these legal activities. He also surrendered his black book of contacts which had the names of some A-list celebrities. Whether or not these celebrities visited his “Island of Sin” remains to be confirmed, but he did have their full name, addresses and private phone numbers.

Here are 10 famous celebrities in Epstein’s black book and their scandals.

10Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae “Alec” Baldwin III is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, and liberal political activist. A member of the Baldwin family, he is the eldest of the four Baldwin brothers, all actors.