Every person and, quite literally, their dog now stream on Twitch TV which makes it increasingly harder to spot genuine talent when browsing streams. We’ve found 5 Aussie streamers you should check out.

Some stream for fame, others for fortune, some even both but sometimes you stumble across that rare streamer who is really out there just to make friends.

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I have befriended many streamers over the years and some of them sky rocketed to fame, and I am very happy for them. But when they become internet superstars the viewing experience becomes less personal for me. I often browse Twitch TV looking for people playing games that I might be interested in picking up or sometimes I’m just looking for a friend to talk about a game I love with. When streamers become too famous that kind of intimacy just fades and you just become another Kappa in the crowd.

This is why I’m finding myself check out more smaller streamers and supporting them. You’d be surprised in the effort that a lot of them put in to making their channels and streams top-notch. A lot of these streamers are also balancing full-time jobs on top of sharing their exciting gaming moments with us, so if I can afford, I never hesitate to tip them. If I get hours on hours of entertainment and company from watching a streamer then why not tip them? Movie tickets cost more and you get less… and this is just like buying a mate a beer.

After browsing Twitch and checking out some online communities I’ve found 5 small time Aussie streamers that deserve some attention


Aussie Twitch Streamers
Small time Aussie Twitch streamers: AnnaPlayz_

Anna is one of the most engaging streamers I’ve come across on the platform; she never misses a beat. She somehow manages to handle interesting conversations while kicking butt and taking names in videogames.

She has earned herself some descent sponsorship opportunities and is now partnered with GGWP and AK Racing Australia. Which is impressive for a streamer who barely turns on their facecam.