Blizzard have pretty much confirmed that the next Overwatch game is in development, but very little is known about the game. Here are 5 things we want to see in Overwacth 2.

Late last year I heard a rumour that Overwatch 2 was in development and that it would mainly focus on a story campaign. Of course I took the rumour with a grain of salt but I decided to reach out to Blizzard for a comment. Unfortunately they could neither confirm nor deny the rumours – but shortly after, more and more news started to leaking almost proving that Blizzard were, in fact, working on a sequel.

An industry insider allegedly told Kotaku that Blizzard are working on Overwatch 2 and that they will reveal it at Blizzcon 2019.

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Overwatch was originally supposed to be a first-person shooter MMO called Crossworlds but Blizzard ditched those plans in favour of a competitive arena based shooter. The new leaks suggest that Overwatch 2 might be a little more like they first intended the game to be, borrowing pages from Activision’s Destiny I.P using instanced type game-play.

Here are 5 things we want to see Blizzard either improve on or add to Overwatch 2.


Blizzard have given us a taste of what a campaign would be like with Overwatch seasonal events, but unfortunately these events are few and far between and barely scratch at the surface of the game’s spectacular story. Overwatch 2 needs a proper campaign mode that somehow ties each of the heroes stories together.