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6ix9ine snitch memes are popping up everywhere and they’re hilarious

Disgraced mumble rapper, 6ix9ine, is currently facing trial and is testifying against his former clan. The snitch memes that have since surfaced are bloody hilarious.

I’m not a fan of the rapper. I have never so much as listened to a single song of his because it just isn’t my cup of tea. I am, however, familiar with the disgraced artist as it is not hard to be. The mumble rapper, 6ix9ine aka Tekashi69, has been in the headlines for some pretty messed up stuff. He was allegedly implicated in child abuse charges after a video surfaced of a 13 year old girl. And then later, he tried to organise a failed hit on Chief Keef after an internet argument.

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Daniel Hernandez testified against former members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, and accused Cardi B, Jim Jones, and Trippie Redd of being gang members. It seem as though everyone is implicated in this mess now and it has inspired the creation of some really spicy 6ix9ine snitch memes.

The 6ix9ine snitch memes are everywhere, I can’t escape them. Every single one of my Facebook groups has made a meme, even the Buffy and Harry Potter groups, and I am absolutely loving it.

Harry Potter and the Golden 6ix9ine snitch
Takeshi 6ix9ine the golden snitch.
Lilo and Takeshi, the snitch
6ix9ine reveal Spider-Man's identity
Quality Takeshi 6ix9ine Spider-Man snitch meme
Takeshi69 snitches out Wally/Waldo
Takeshi snitches out Wally/Waldo
Last supper with 6ix9ine
Takeshi potrayed as Judas.
GTA snitch meme
Oh, no. My GTA money exploits got snitch on 🙁
Takeshi 6ix9ine insists it was indeed shaggy.
Don't talk about Fight Club
Rule 1: you don’t talk about fight club.
Jesus was also a member of the gang.
Carmen Sandiego and Takeshi69 meme
Where in the world?
Buffy 6ix9nine meme
Only Buffy fans will get this one. 🙂

There are plenty of memes here, I am sure most of you got a good laugh. Which 6ix9ine meme did you think was the funniest?

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