Not at all surprised! SledgeHammer Games have completely botched their Call of Duty game. According to insiders it is an unplayable mess. What exactly does this mean for the franchise going forward?

It seems a little like history is, kind of-sort of, repeating itself. Yet another in-house developer working on Call of Duty getting fired by Activision. This time, though, for the completely opposite reason.

Well, let’s be fair. SledgerHammer Games was in free fall after two of their co-founders decided to move onto other projects within Activision. Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield were some of the most notable names at SledgeHammer until February 2018. They also played a huge part in Call of Duties success and had worked on the franchise for 9 years. Their departure was described as ‘a drastic shake-up in leadership’ which left the rest of the team without vision or drive.

Former SledgeHemmer Co-Founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield | Sausage Roll
It all went to hell when Glen Schofield and Michael Coundrey left.

After almost two years of developing the new Call of Duty game SledgeHammer have come up short with delivering anything close to resembling a playable game. Activision are not happy and have pulled the plug on SledgeHammer’s game, and sacked the developers. All eyes are on Treyarch now as the burden is on them to release Black Ops 5 in early 2020. But is that such a bad thing?

This news is actually a blessing in disguise. After the majority of Infinity Ward left to to form Repsawn Entertainment, Treyarch became the power house Call of Duty developer. This is evident with the last year’s Call of Duty, Blacks Ops 4. Critics loved it accross the board, scoring it 8 and higher, and in my honest opinion offers the best Battle-Royale experience to-date; Blackout.

Activision’s decision to drop the game and ax the studio shows that they still passionately care about their I.P. They could have gone the way of Gearbox a la Colonial Marines and just released a broken shell of a game to cash in on their failures, but they didn’t. Instead they’ve completely scrapped SledgeHammer’s game, sent majority of the developers packing, and put all their eggs in Treyarch’s basket.

An early 2020 release does not seem far-fetched at all, and despite people claiming that Black Ops 5 will then inevitably be a rushed release, this also means that Treyarch will have access to a lot more resources and manpower meaning that they should easily be able to meet the early 2020 release.

Bigger team + more resources + more funding = a better Call of Duty game. So colour me excited. I was already excited to see where the Black Ops series would go next and now that I know Treyarch have all the resources they need at their disposal… couldn’t be happier.

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