Disney have decided to breathe new life into their old animated classics and the last movie to get the live-action treatment is Aladdin. And critics absolutely hate it.

Disney’s Aladdin is time-less classic that introduced many generations of kids to a whole new world of magic and wonder. Robin Williams won our hearts in his role as the wacky blue genie with his brilliant improv. It would be career suicide to even touch that role with a 10 foot pole after that. Poor Will Smith.


Will Smith has had a long successful career. He’s brought many wonderful characters to life on the big screen: alien hunting secret agent, struggling single father and aspiring stock broker, and a one bad boi. Unfortunately, one of those characters isn’t the genie.

Aladdin Movie Poster | Sausage Roll

Yep, poor Will. He hasn’t exactly made the best career choices in the last few years. Let’s revise; Suicide Squad, Bright and most recently Aladdin. If that isn’t bad enough, Will Smith also became one of the biggest memes in 2018 for his cameo in the most disliked YouTube video of all time; YouTube Rewind. And it is getting worse.

Will Smith – Hollywood Dreams to Internet Memes

These memes are only the tip off the iceberg. Critics are absolutely slamming Aladdin and with it Will Smith’s performance as genie.

“It all has the air of a community theater troupe performing in a Disney parade, overeager in the exaggerated artifice. That’s well enough for an amusement park, but on film it’s embarrassing. For kids unlucky enough not to have seen the original, maybe this “Aladdin” will be suitably entertaining, despite its saggy run time and awkward pacing. But for their parents and anyone else who grew up within spitting distance of the Disney renaissance, a generation whose nostalgia this film and other Disney double-dips are commodifying, it reeks of cynicism.”

Barbara VanDenbugh, Arizona Republic

Guy Ritchie’s attempt to recreate the live-action remake shot-for-shot appears to get most of the criticism. In addition, he decided to add a new a musical piece, but that didn’t go down too well either.

“One of the new songs, belted out with great conviction by Scott, is called “Speechless,” a ham-fisted attempt to paste some power-princess feminism into the film that feels almost as condescending as the women-in-battle sequence in “Avengers: Endgame.”

A.O. Scott, The New York Times

The reviews are only starting to trickle in for the new live-action Aladdin and so far its not looking good. The film is currently sitting at 54 on Metarcitic and this is based on the average of submitted critics reviews; the lowest currently being 25 by Slant Magazine. However, the film is fairing a little better among users at a 65 but it is still the lowest scoring live-action Disney remake.

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