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Dianne Anders
Dianne is a former reality TV producer who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

If you are looking at getting someone a copy of Alita: Battle Angel, you might want to hurry. It is one of the hottest selling movies this Holiday season.

It’s no surprise that Alita: Battle Angel is selling like hotcakes this Christmas. When the movie become available for home media it sat comfortably at top of the charts for a month.

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Although Australia does not celebrate Thanksgiving we do take advantage of the Black Friday deals that follow soon after. Besides boxing day, the last weekend in November is one of the busiest shopping periods in Australia. People rush stores to buy their Christmas gifts at incredibly discounted prices.

This year JB Hi-Fi had a 20% discount on all Blu-ray and 4K UHD movies. The 20% also came on top of the 2 for AUD$30 deal that was currently running. Among the 2 for 30 Blu-Ray movies was Alita: Battle Angel and according to sales people at multiple JB-HiFi stores across Australia, Alita: Battle Angel is flying off the shelves.”

Alita Christmas sales are booming – JB Hi-Fi

All of the stores we visited had either very limited stock or were completely out and the sales people could not promise additional stock would arrive before Christmas.

Perhaps there is a correlation between the Alita Army’s efforts to promote the film during the busy shopping season and Alita’s skyrocketing popularity.

Interestingly, Alita: Battle Angel became the 5th highest trending movie at the same time #AlitaArmy started trending on Twitter.

Fans around the world are doing their best to make people aware that the movie even exists and are hoping that it all it takes for them to become hooked is to see the movie, like they did.

Alita Army giving away copies by the hundreds

The Alita Army have spent thousands in promotions and have already given away hundreds, if not more, copies of the movie.

Meanwhile, one fan bought a dozen copies of Alita: Battle Angel on Blu-ray and DVD and took them to a local cafe where he placed them on self-serve table for people to take freely so they could enjoy a very merry Alita Christmas! In their accompanying note they don’t try to force their opinion on the film, nor do they promise that you’d love or even like it, but perhaps understand why so many do:

“Please help yourself to one of the accompanying Alita: Battle Angel Blu-rays (left) or DVDs (right). I can’t promise that this film will resonate with everyone, and I don’t expect people to love it as much as me, but I can tell you this film is very special and meaningful to many people around the world, and most of the tens of millions of people who have seen it at least liked it. While this movie does have amazing special effects and actions scenes, there’s a lot more going on here; it has endearing characters, gorgeous cinematography, great acting, sweet little moments, uplifting messages, and too many quotable moments to count. If that appeals to you and you are comfortable with a fair amount of onscreen violence and with taking genre fiction seriously, then I can’t think of a film I’d recommend more.”

The official Alita Army Twitter now has close to 1,200 followers in is growing by the day. Make sure you give them a follow if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of everything Alita. Oh, and follow us, of course, for the latest in entertainment and pop-culture news and gossip!

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