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Catch Xbox’s E3 Keynote in Australia and New Zealand

Want to get the E3 experience without travelling all the way to Los Angeles? Now can with Xbox GrE3n carpet event at selected Hoyts cinemas around Australia and New Zealand.

The event provides the ultimate viewing experience for those unable to head over to LA to see the action live from the Xbox Keynote, all in the comfort of selected Hoyts Recliner Class cinemas. 

Tickets cost AU$20 + booking fee with all proceeds from the event going towards the CREATE Foundation and participants getting over $150 in value on the day, including:  

  • A Hoyts Gold Class cinema experience + breakfast 
  • Exciting competitions + awesome prizes (including the opportunity to win an Xbox One X)
  • E3 themed gift bag for all in attendance
  • Briefing followed by full length feature film: X-MEN: Dark Phoenix   

Locations available: 

  • Broadway (Sydney) – bookings available here
  • Wetherill Park (Sydney) – bookings available here 
  • Chadstone (Melbourne) – bookings available here 
  • Sunnybank Plaza (Brisbane)– bookings available here  
  • Westfield Carousel (Perth) – bookings available here
  • Parade Central (Adelaide) – booking available here
  • Sylvia Park (Mt Wellington, NZ) – bookings available here  

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The Xbox GrE3n Carpet event will be on Monday 10th June 6.00am – 12.00pm AEST (Australian public holiday except in QLD and WA). Don’t miss out!

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