Cyrell could face defamation charges after assault lies

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Cyrell Paule and her boyfriend, Eden Dally, might be facing defamation charges for lying about the assault that took place at the Pelican Cafe in Shoal Bay, New South Wales.

Our hearts bled a little for Cyrell when we saw her all emotional with her boyfriend, Eden Dally, telliing us how she was a victim of a racist assault at the Pelican Cafe. But, as the dust settles, we now see two very different versions of what really happened. It looks like Cyrell told a bit of a fib and might now be facing a defamation charge.

Those who watched the last season of Married at First Sight are familiar with the name ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ (which happens to be her new Instagram handle as well). Cyrell Paule admittedly has a bit of an anger problem. It was the primary reason that ended the relationship with her MAFS ex-husband Nic Jovanovic.

Did you know?

Cyrell Paule is the sort of person to not hold back. She will speak her mind no matter the costs. And she will get in your face if you have a got at her.

She got into physical altercations with two of her former MAF cast-mates over minor disagreements and rumors. Married at First Sight crew had to step in at one point to restrain Cyrell when she violently lunged at Martha Kalifatidis. After being restrained she still managed to smash one of the hotel’s decorative vases.

Cyclone Cyrell attacks Martha on MAFS

Cyrell by no means is a bad person. Her actions aren’t intended to be malicious. But her insecurities and trust issues often make her overthink, overreact and lash out at the innocent.

So, to assume that Cyrell started the commotion at Pelican Cafe over a misunderstanding is not too far fetched. And that’s exactly what the owners said happened.

Pelican Cafe owner’s version

In an interview with KIIS FM, Deborah Wilson, the owner of Pelican Cafe said that she saw the whole thing. Her staff, which consists of herself and her two daughters, were not in anyway involved with the attack. And she claims that there were no racial slurs used.

Pelican Cafe Takeaway - Shoal Bay, NSW | Sausage Roll
Pelican Cafe Takeaway – Shoal Bay, NSW

According to her, this all started because a regular customer was filming Paule and her beau, former Love Island star, Eden Dally. She had spotted them walking past the cafe and was filming them on her phone. This is when Cyrell turned around and verbally abused the cafe customer.

“Cyrell was having a go at the customer for taking a photo or video as they were walking past… I don’t know what was said or happened outside.

They got in their car and drove past and did a U-turn and came back into my shop and said ‘Does this café have an issue with us?’ and I said ‘No’.”

Cyrell and Eden Dally’s version

Paule and Dally, however, recount things differently. This was nothing more than a hate crime committed by a jealous cafe owner and her staff members.

“This lady, a restaurant owner… thought it would be hilarious while I’m walking down the street to turn around and call me a ‘f—*ing black…”

Cyrell Paule shows bruise on Instagram after assault | Sausage Roll
Cyrell shows neck bruise after attack on Instagram.

Eden Dally spoke up in her Instagram video claiming that the restaurant owner yelled racial slurs at them across the street and tried to start a fight.

What really happened?

One of the Pelican Cafe’s patrons clearly attacked Cyrell Paule as shown in the video. She could be charged with battery and face up to 6 months prison time if sentenced.

However, there’s no proof that this conflict was caused by a random act of racism. At this point it is just word against word. And now Cyrell and Eden might be facing their own, much more serious, charge.

A case for defamation

Regardless of the alleged racist harassment and physical assault Cyrell endured, neither the restaurant nor its staff can be held accountable for the patron’s actions.

Cyrell falsely named and shamed the owner for verbally and physically attacking her, despite there being video evidence proving otherwise. She even flat out calls the owner and her business racist in her Instagram video.

Cyrell Paule (MAFS) and Eden Dally (Love Island) | Sausage Roll
Cyrell Paule (MAFS) and Eden Dally (Love Island)

Her claims have led other social media influencers to comment. Former MAFS participant, Dean Wells, went as far as to calling for authorities to shut down the Pelican Cafe.

“This place is disgusting. It should be shut down. It blows my mind that there’s till ignorant,racist morons out there.”

Staff are now feeling the full wrath of 240 thousand plus fans as they are bombarded with threatening calls and messages. Unfortunately the harassment extends beyond work. They are starting to receive them at home. According to the owner, her business and livelihood is over because of the deliberate lies of the assault and the defamation of her business.


This sets the stage for a defamation suit against Cyrell Paule and, her boyfriend, Eden Dally. New South Wales police are currently investigating the alleged assault and are asking for any witnesses to come forth.

If found guilty of defamation, Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally, might have to pay hundred-thousands of dollars in damages to the Pelican Cafe and its staff.

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