Elsa Clement is Australia’s Beyoncé

Elsa Clement, a dainty little girl with braided hair took the stage yesterday on The Voice Australia and I don’t think anyone was expecting what happened next. Australia just discovered their very own Beyoncé.

19 year old Elsa Clement set the bar high with her jaw-dropping performance of Eminem’s Lose Yourself. Her performance was definitely four chair turn-worthy, and the surprising thing is that Elsa is not a rapper.

“I’m not rapper. I’m more of a singer, so this song was a bit of a challenge to do. But I want to take risks because I wanted to show you guys that I’m versatile.”

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Elsa’s performance wasn’t flawless; she was shaky and off-key at some parts, but she confidently carried her performance with style so those shortcomings barely made a ripple. The way she vocalised Eminem’s rap verses reminded my of Beyoncé’s early work, and the we she belted out the chorus felt very Gwen Stefanie-esque.

Elsa Clement Twitter Profile | Sausage Roll

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Kelly Rowland is evidently the right coach; especially considering Elsa’s vocal style. Kelly performed alongside Beyoncé back in the Destiny’s Child days, and there was a a definite hint of their influence in Elsa’s rendition of Eminem’s hit song.

Elsa has what it takes to become the next Australian super-star, but she has a little-ways to go still. Hopefully she will get the mentoring she needs from Kelly to fully develop her skills and realise her potential.

If you enjoyed Elsa’s performance on The Voice Australia as much as we did last night make sure you follow her on Instagram and show your support.

Whose blind audition did you guys enjoy the most? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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