Fans Become Unhinged Over Jack Vidgen Meme

Jack Vidgen’s All-Star return to The Voice Australia on Sunday night has inspired the creation of a meme that has many fans outraged.

It’s been 8 years since we last saw Jack Vidgen on The Voice Australia. A little 14 year old boy-wonder who won more than just a song contest, but the hearts of millions of Australians. However, after releasing his single Yes I Am he disappeared from the limelight. That was until yesterday when we blew us all away with his performance of Adele’s Hello.

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Vidgen explained that it was a combination of bullying and self-discovery that made him step outside of the limelight.

“After winning Australia’s Got Talent, there was Facebook pages with death threats… life was hard.”

But the audience was quite taken back when they first got a glimpse of adult Jack. There was an elephant in the room that was kind of hard to address after the touching interview about bullying. Jack had work done. He had work done on his nose and collagen injections in his lips and cheeks? This didn’t look the Jack we knew 8 years ago. He looked more like Jessika Power. That’s when this meme was posted.

Jack Videns: Fans Go Unhinged Over Meme

This meme did not go down well at all in The Voice Australia Facebook group. Although some got a quiet little chuckle out of it, others rioted against its creator.

It’s okay if you thought that was funny, it doesn’t make you a bully. You shouldn’t feel bad for laughing and this is why. Not all jokes are intended to hurt or harm people. Some are merely just humourous ways to criticise people for some of their choices; in this case its clearly Vidgen’s use of collagen.

Did you know?

Jack Vidgen is an overwhelmingly talented and a handsome young man. He doesn’t need work done to his face. Hopefully he will realise this. But Vidgen’s earlier successes have catapulted him into this ridiculous life-style of the rich and famous where collagen injections are in among the d-grade celebrities. And now, more than ever, these kind of pointless luxuries are affordable to him.

Collagen injections and face lifts are for tired washed-up celebrities that are stuck in the past and trying to hold on to their fleeting looks. Not 20-something healthy, talented people like Jack Vidgen. Maybe this meme will be his wake-up call.

If you missed The Voice Australia blinds episode on Sunday don’t stress it. You can binge watch the last 7 episodes on 9Now for free. So, go and do that and then let us know which audition has been your favourite so far in the comments below.

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