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Dianne Anders
Dianne is a former reality TV producer who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

You can cosplay as demons, elves, aliens or even as a member of the opposite sex but if you cosplay as a person of colour you’re allegedly a racist and immediately banned from the EuroCosplay.

Popular French cosplayer, , was recently disqualified and banned from the EuroCosplay, European Cosplay Championship, for what was deemed a controversial costume by cosplayers of colour. The costume in question is Pyke from League of Legends.

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Popular French cosplayer, Alice Livanart, entered the European Cosplay Championship as her favourite League of Legends undead villain Pyke and was immediately disqualified and banned after a outrage of cosplayers of colour.

Pyke is a fictional undead character who exists in fictional world on a fictional planet. However, this fictional undead alien just happens to have dark skin which allegedly means that he’s out of bounds for Caucasian cosplayers.

Livanart made a statement on her YouTube channel: “I wanted to be as accurate as possible because I love that character, I really do him just the way he is and I didn’t want to change anything.”

Alice Livanart banned Pyke LOL cosplay
Alice Livanart as Pyke. French cosplayer blackface banned!

Diana Tolin, a judge on the panel, criticised Livanart’s decision to cosplay as Pyke live on Sky News claiming they banned her to protect cosplayers of colour, “cosplay is for everyone and if it is for everyone than we should give platforms and really good representations to our customers of colour.” She further asserted that such actions can be considered, ‘cosplayer blackface.’

The rules only applies to Caucasians who wish to cosplay as people of colour. There are no rules preventing people of colour for cosplaying as Caucasians, Asians, or even aliens, as was made abundantly clear with the plethora of Joker costumes spotted at the European Cosplay Championship.

Do you support the rule that white people should only be able to cosplay as white people or does that defeat the purpose of cosplaying? If so, should the rule also be applied to people of colour who wish to cosplay as white characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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