Isabelle in Animal Crossing appeared to have a modeled cervix but it’s Alyx

People dug up something interesting while looking at the data mines Animal Crossing: New Horizons files. Isabelle appears to have an actual vagina.

You can usually dig up some interest game info when data mining game; things like unused code, deleted features and scenes etc — however — someone took a look at the Isabelle model and found she had an opening right where here lady bit is.

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While most people were shocked to discover that there was no trace of froggy chair when the Animal Crossing: New Horizons data mine files leaked, others were more focused on the more intricate details of the game’s design… moreover, Isabelle’s modelling.

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A curious gamer decided to take a look at the very simplistic design of the popular Animal Crossing character, Isabelle, and found something very strange when inspecting her wire frame.

It appears that Isabelle — the adorable Shih Tzu secretary — has an opening between her legs. Is that a cervix?!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Isabelle appears to have a fully modeled cervix… in other words vagina!

When the findings were posted on Twitter many were really confused as to what they were looking it. Was it her tail? Nope. It’s an actual opening that kind of resembles a cervix.

“Looks like somebody at Nintendo has a lot of explaining to do,” a shocked Animal Crossing fan posted on Twitter.

It is a possibility that some horny weirdo simply modified Isabelle’s 3D model, but looking at the tiny details it would have had to be done by someone very experiences. Nintendo, fess up, did you do this?

Actually, it seems as though it may from the Half Life 2: Cinematic Mod, as one user pointed out almost a year ago, “Alyx has a vagina modeled up to her cervix, with outer and inner lips, clit, etc. So, I guess it is not just a graphical overhaul, right?”

Regardless, I wouldn’t put it past some lonely perv to make this mod for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and gave Isabelle a fully modeled cervix… after all, Isabelle was trending on PornHub when the game launched.

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