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JB Hi-Fi not accepting any more The Last of Us Part II trade-ins

People are having a difficult time playing through The Last of Us Part II due to some of its graphic and controversial scenes and are reportedly returning the game en masse.

There are some highly controversial, and graphic, elements in Naughty Dog’s new triple-A title The Last of Us Part II and a lot of people are struggling through the game after coming face-to-face with some of it’s many challenging moments.

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Earlier this year Naughty Dog’s president himself, Neil Druckmann, warned people that not everybody is going to like the direction that The Last of Us Part II is going, and that seems to be evident right now with the amount of returns some Australian retailers are receiving.

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Sony and Naughty Dog copped it hard when one of the game’s biggest plot devices was spoiled in a massive leak that ruined the game for a lot of people earlier this year. Not only did the leaks spoil the game but, to some, it appeared that Naughty Dog was clearly pushing a political agenda. Still, those who were fine with that were not thrilled to learn of the fate of their favourite surrogate daddy-daughter duo.

The game is filled with shocking and graphic moments but the most dividing plot element happens roughly a quarter of the way through the game and people are reportedly not playing past that part.

Australia’s largest games retailer JB-HiFi are reportedly not accepting any more returns of The Last of Us Part II and have temporarily suspended trade-ins during the game’s release.

JB Hi-Fi The Last of Us Part II trade-in

JB Hi-Fi suspends The Last of Us Part II trade-ins after too many returns and negative reviews.

We have reached out to JB-HiFi for comment regarding the temporary suspension of trade-ins as we understand that the temporary ban may, in fact, be put in place during lockdown to stop the spread of the nasty virus (not the Coryceps Brain Infection).

However, this is the first time people have reported seeing this sign and it is only posted on the The Last of Us Part II display and people have claimed that JB Hi-Fi have been accepting trade-ins during lockdown.

The reviews on the official product page on JB Hi-Fi seemed to echo the sentiments that a lot of people are unhappy with the game and intend to return it.

Philly wrote: “Enjoyed the first game and story. Part 2 however clearly has improved graphics but does little to innovate on mechanics. It’s still a creep-loot-shoot-repeat only now it has a flat, boring story. The LGBT stuff doesn’t bother me but I feel it would bother some people as it’s really shoved down your throat a bit here. After sitting through hours of gameplay that felt more like an interactive movie, the boredom has become too great. I’ll be returning/selling this game soon. What a shame they very did little to build or improve on the first game.”

We will update this article once we’ve received a response from JB Hi-Fi.

Did you buy The Last of Us Part II? How are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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