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People are visiting Epstein’s Island in Microsoft Flight Simulator

You can visit the shady island of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in Microsoft Flight Simulator, so thousands of people have taken upon themselves to investigate.

The Epstein/Maxwell trial is probably the most notorious legal hearings in history. Sadly, it seemed it was all but over when Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his own life just moments before he was set to drop names. That hasn’t stopped gamers from visiting his island and conducting their own investigation in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Epstein Island

Epstein’s “Island of Sin” controversial place and its strange connections to ABC and Disney land.

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Jeffrey Epstein and his left-hand mistress Ghislaine Maxwell are currently two of the world’s most despised villains, and that’s somebody almost every body unanimously agree on. Sadly, people have no faith that justice will be served or that any answers will be given about just how deep that dirty rabbit hole goes. So, now they are taking matters into their own hands.

You can visit Little Saint James Island in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Gamers visit Epstein Island in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Little Saint James is a private island of the United States Virgin Islands, off the coast of St. Thomas and is very close to Disney land (weird, right?). The 70–78 acres island was owned by American convicted child predator Jeffrey Epstein from 1998 until his 2019 when he died.

Rod Breslau, Esports and Overwatch commentator, shared a screenshot from the game showing 7 planes landing on the disgraced financiers island.

“People are gathering at Epstein’s island in Microsoft Flight Simulator and solving this case ourselves,” Breslau tweeted.

PC Gamer described the latest edition of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator as, a “beautiful, entertaining, and astonishingly expansive—it’s a game with no boundaries.”

The game released yesterday, August 18 2020, and is available with the Xbox Game Pass.

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