Trophy hunting can be extremely demanding of your time. Here are 5 PlayStation 4 Trophies that some take serious planning and are extremely hard to earn.

Whether a serious or casual gamer, there always seems to be some sort of satisfaction when seeing the notification and accompanying “ping” in the top left corner of your screen announcing you have just received your next PlayStation 4 Trophy. These trophies, like most gaming platforms, vary in categories and worth, all amounting to a total summary of ego or shame depending on how seriously you decide to take them.

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But what about all the PlayStation 4 trophies that don’t conveniently pass you by in a congratulatory way for just simply playing the game? Some of these rewards aren’t even per say the most difficult to accomplish. But there are definitely more than a few we have come across that resulted in some serious thinking, planning, and maybe even a bunch of self-made notes or accompanying walk-throughs to achieve. However, it isn’t just about collecting them, effective planning has a role all in itself. No one wants to end up replaying a game to the point where your PlayStation controller actually starts to face the risk of an early retirement by attempting a short lesson in flying across the room.

Here are 5 PlayStation 4 Trophies that required a lot of brain-power and some serious planning to achieve.

5Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen – Bloodborne (FromSoftware, Inc.)

It’s no secret that FromSoftware’s games are already a challenge on their own. But what makes this Gold PlayStation 4 Trophy a particular challenge is everything you have to do to reach the Boss in question. Namely, the Pthumerian Queen, waiting ever patiently with her duplication tricks and blood splatter weapons to teach you a new lesson in the meaning of a Boss Fight.

Taking into consideration that there is no save system in the game other than starting you off exactly where you left off last, there is little space for error in gathering the right ingredients, tools, gestures, chalice cups, and even explore hidden optional areas before accidentally moving past a point of no return. This is all part of the main campaign, however, but you won’t be finding the Pthumerian Queen anywhere here apart from the occasional glimpse. After gathering all you must in the story part of the game without missing something, or a replay will be in order, you then need to start creating Chalice Dungeons, if you haven’t already. These Chalice Dungeons, as the name would suggest, is the dungeon crawling segment of Bloodborne.

Naturally, there are twenty-five story Chalice Dungeons and the Pthumerian Queen is waiting for you as the very last boss, in the very last dungeon. But why the last boss in the last dungeon you may ask? Well, each dungeon has three depths, and each depth has its own boss waiting for you somewhere in the maze of its Lovecraftian themed layer. So three layers, three bosses, one Chalice Dungeon complete, right? Not necessarily. Let’s hope you’ve covered every corner and occasional treasure room to require the right amount of materials and Blood Echoes, the game’s one and only currency and experience points all rolled into one, to create the next dungeon. What you might not have realised, is that this trophy can actually become much more achievable, while remaining as sane as Lovecraft will allow, with some detailed pre-planning.

By pre-planning the Chalice cups, ingredients, tools, and maybe even the required Blood Echoes for both currency and appropriate levelling, not only is it possible to play the main campaign once, but you can bring down the number of Chalice Dungeons you have to do to about ten in total. This planning might sound tiring already, but it was well worth the trade to finally run through Bloodborne looking like you have some direction as well as finally hearing that Gold PlayStation 4 Trophy “ping”. Of course, that was when we weren’t running in the opposite direction to retrieve our lost Blood Echoes after dying a couple, or maybe more, times.