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Sony confirms TLoU leak didn’t come from Naughty Dog, maybe a relative?

Today Sony announced that they know who is responsible for the devastating leak that spoiled one of their biggest exclusives. Apparently it wasn’t a disgruntled employee.

The entire plot, including the ending, was leaked online when an anonymous person uploaded videogame clips that spoiled all of the game’s biggest moments. Sony have discovered the source of the leaks.

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Many people speculated that the leak came from inside Naughty Dog after many reports surfaced of Naughty Dog’s toxic working environment and crunch culture. Other’s claimed that it was due to a pay dispute and that The Last of US Part II many delays had frustrated employees. The leak was alleged to be their way of forcing Sony’s hand to release the game.

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However, Sony have officially confirmed that the leak come from Naughty Dog Inc., or anyone associated to SIE.

The following report comes from GamesIndystry.biz:

“Sony has confirmed to GamesIndustry.biz that it has identified the primary individuals responsible for the leaks earlier this week, saying they were not affiliated with Sony Interactive Entertainment or Naughty Dog, as was rumored.”

“The publisher declined to comment further, saying that the information was currently subject to an ongoing investigation.”

Several weeks before the The Last of Us Part II gameplay footage was leaked Sony DMCA’d a post that was allegedly from an “immediate family member of a Naughty Dog employee.”

Sony announcement confirms TLoU leak didn’t come from Naughty Dog, say the know The Last of Us leaker source; maybe a relative?

The leak was later reposed on 4chan, by memory, and proved some of the biggest plot spoilers later confirmed by the leaked footage.

Who was The Last of Us leaker?

This might mean that the footage was, in fact, leaked by a family member of one of the Naughty Dog staff. This would make sense as many Naughty Dog employees are currently working from during the pandemic lockdown.

It is likely that someone’s child got their hands on the game before release as the dev kits would have been taken home. However, this is just speculation.

Does this mean that Naughty Dog employees aren’t disgruntled?

The fact that The Last of Us Part II leak did not come from a Naughty Dog employee or a SIE affiliate does not mean that there aren’t disgruntled employees at Naughty Dog.

The game leak proves to be very divisive when it comes to some of its plot devices. An anonymous source linked to Naughty Dog claims that many of their employees are very divided on the game, especially of the treatment of the OG characters.

Sony confirms TLoU leaker source

Sony announcement confirms TLoU leak: If Naughty Dog employee didn’t do it then who is the The Last of Us leaker? Relative?

Jonathon Cooper, a former Naughty Dog employee, confirmed that working conditions weren’t optimal and that he was forced to sign a very strict NDA upon leaving Naughty Dog or he’d withhold their final paycheck.

What are your thoughts on the The Last of Us Part II leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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