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Sony should release The Last of Us Part II on PC to make up for losses

Should Sony release The Last of Us Part II on PC to recuperate their losses or would that anger even more PlayStation fans?

Sony is already hurting from poor Death Stranding sales, and now there biggest release of the year is losing sales because of leaks and terrible damage control efforts. Releasing it on PC might make up for the losses, but it may also anger die-hard PlayStation fans.

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Many gamers are turning their backs on what was easily set to be the PlayStation’s 4 biggest and most anticipated game release since God of War (2018) after the entire game was spoiled by, what Sony allege to be, a hacker.

While some people are boycotting the game for political reasons others have just completely lost interest in playing the game after they learn the fate of their favourite surrogate father/daughter duo.

Although it is a minority, some gamers claim not to care about the spoilers and are just excited to play The Last of Us Part II because of the reputation Naughty Dog has with delivering exhilarating set pieces and immersive gameplay. Sadly, that reputation has now been tarnished due to the way Sony and Naughty Dog handled the leaks.

Ellie Masculine

The Last of Us Part II sales losses could lead to game releasing on PC.

Naughty Dog’s Vice President, Neil Druckmann, received criticism for listening to controversial feminist provocateur and journalist Anita Sarkeesian instead of the fans of the original game. When Druckmann was called out for it he shared a Tweet that, in a sense, called the critics “transphobics and racists.”

To make matters even worse Sony Interactive Entertainment issued illegal Copyright Notices against content creators across YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Even Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show lashed at Sony for their heavy-handed approach saying, “if Sony are going after people that are simply talking about the leak and sharing their own opinions on the leak, then that’s disgusting.”

For some the damage is irreparable. Many thousands of people are not only cancelling their pre-orders for The Last of Us Part II but are considering abandoning the PlayStation brand all together.

The Last of Us Part II is presumably the most expensive game Sony have invested in especially considering that Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn previously held this spot with an estimated budget of AUD$75 million. Not only is the tech behind The Last of Us Part II far more costly, but the game has also seen several delays due to senior staff quitting which means that Naughty Dog’s biggest game ever might have exceeded its budget.

Although Sony have not disclosed how many people have cancelled their pre-orders, if reports online are anything to go by, the number is predicted to be in the thousands. The leaks and the terribly response from Sony have also resulted in many people who have not pre-ordered the game saying that they’ve completely lost interest in The Last of Us Part II and the studio behind it.

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The Last of Us Part II sales projected to plummet after leaks, should Sony release on PC to make up for losses?

If Sony want to make up for their projected losses they should release The Last of Us Part II on PC, much like they did for Death Stranding. 505 Games, publisher for the PC version of Death Stranding, reportedly made AUD$83 million from the PC version of the game.

There are a number of caveats when it comes to releasing The Last of Us Part II on PC, one of them being that loyal PlayStation fans would not look too kindly at the decision. It’s safe to assume that many PlayStation 4 owners purchased the console in anticipation for The Last of Us Part II as they were told that the game would only be exclusively available on that platform. If Sony do make the game multi-platform then some fans could say they felt cheated.

It ultimately comes down to whether Sony are willing to cut their losses with The Last of Us Part II or release the title on PC to make up for it. Regardless of what they choose, Sony still have a long way to go before they are in the good graces of their fans yet again.

What do you think? Should Sony release The Last of Us Part II on PC, or would that just anger more people? Leave your comment below.

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