Topix, co-founder of Oddity E-sports, exposed for grooming minors

DEVELOPING: Jared Fell, co-founder of an Australian E-sports group, has been exposed grooming minors and asking them to send nudes of their mothers.

  • Talked dirty to a 12-year-old.
  • Had ‘secret arrangement’ with minors.
  • Asked members to search their mother’s phones for nudes.
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Jared Fell, the co-founder of RPM/Oddity; a Rainbow 6 Siege e-sports teams, promised minors that they could join his team if they did sick and disgusting things for him.

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Tony “sticc” Karydis, A former victim of Jared Fell’s (Topix) has spoken out about the horrible things the former e-sports team leader made him do.

“I was about 15 when I met Topix,” the kid revealed in his letter. “We were really close friends for the longest time after we met in RPM. Even at age 15 I kinda knew he was fucked up, but I trusted him, we played siege like everyday and he was always really nice to me.”

He attached screenshots of very disturbing private messages between the two of them where Topix is exposed for grooming minors.



The private message reveal that Jared Fell used his position to extort minors into spying on their mother’s by ‘stealing their phones and searching for phones’ and ‘sending pictures of their panties’.

One of Fell’s victims was only 12 at the time and, according Karydis’s Twitlonger, he would be asked disturbing questions. The boy now feels traumatised by the events.

“This 12-year-old kid really wanted to join RPM, like really wanted to. He also claimed he was a bit older than he was. Topix put him through a set of disgusting questions and tasks if he wanted to join RPM. This was something that never happened to anyone else who wanted to join,” SticcR6 added.

“I contacted this kid today to talk about the matter. Topix asked him to find nude pictures of his mum on her phone, and other weird stuff, he also asked some really weird stuff. The kid was really shook by all that happened and doubted if he wanted to join RPM.”

Fell, who is seemingly in late 20s, kicked players from the squad and threatened people who kept a line of communication with them with the same consequence.

Topix, co-founder of Oddity E-sports, exposed for grooming minors

Image supposedly of Tony Karydis; Former victim who exposed Jared “Topix” Fell (Oddity founder) for grooming minors.

“Further on, the people who I played with in RPM wanted to move on and build an org and team. Topix lead the charge, creating the org ‘Paradox’ (now known as ‘Oddity)’. The team consisted of me, Topix and 3 of my closest friends at the time (who I had known for a long time). Shortly after the creation of the team Topix had kicked 2 people, the people who were really close friends of mine for no reason.”

Tony Karydis alleges that Topix also requested some of his team mates to send nudes of their girlfriends and would ask them very personal questions.

“He would also ask a few of my friends especially a boyfriend and girlfriend couple very personal and disgusting questions about their relationship and lives. He would interrogate people he didn’t know and always come across creepy.”

The Rainbow 6 Siege gaming community is extremely disturbed by the recent events.

Jared Fell aka Topix has since deleted all of his social profiles including his Discord channel and accounts.

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