Want a game that you can play as a real cop? Or maybe you just want to deliver some pizzas while selling some drugs on the side to make ends-meet? You can do all of this in Grand Theft Auto V with the right mods.

Have you ever heard of FiveM? It is a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V that turns the game into the craziest roleplaying experience, and arguable the best ever online game. If you can dream it, you can do it with FiveM, and that’s why it is one of the most viewed mods on Twitch TV.

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There are a variety of different type of FiveM servers online. Each server caters to a specific type of play style; whether you enjoy a bit of outrageous fun, moderate Grand Theft Auto V roleplay (GTARP) or even some serious simulation, there is a game server out there for everyone. This is made possible by FiveM‘s open nature. Anyone can write a mod and you don’t have to be a genius at coding! Heck, even I started writing a mod for a fully functioning government.

Honestly, though, you don’t really need to make your own mods because there are so many out there already and, if you can’t find a specific mod, there’s a pretty amazing community of people who are willing to create your desired mod for a commission. Really, when it comes to FiveM, the sky is the limited; you can do whatever you want in Grand Theft Auto V and with up to 128 other players online, I might add. And we’ve got some free sponsored servers to give-away (keep reading)!

Below are 5 Grand Theft Auto V mods you can install with FiveM that I highly recommend.

5ESX Essentials Pack

The ESX essentials is pretty much the only mod you need to install to have a great time in Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay (GTARP). It comes with a bank/money system. A few basic jobs like mechanic, tow truck driver, banker, butcher, miner, etc. You can also play as paramedics and law enforcement.

Zap-Hosting, the official host for FiveM, allows people to automatically install the ESX essentials pack when at the push of a button. It’s optional of course, you might want to install more complex mods instead.

4vSync Server side trainer

vSync may not be the best trainer but it is easily one of the most user-friendly ones. It has all the basics you need to mod your server and easy easily customisable. Perhaps that’s why it is the most commonly used trainer on FiveM.

If you rent a server from Zap-Hosting you can install the latest version of vSync at the push of a buttom.

3Bahama Mamas

Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay (GTARP) – Bahama Mamas

Certain mods allow to access areas of the map that were closed off in the single player game. This is the case for Bahama Mamas, a fully furnished nightclub that was seemingly cut from the full game. Fortunately, a bunch of talented modders found the assets, did some fixing and released it.

The great thing about this mod is it opens this location up to everyone on the server so you can jam it up with your pals at this very exclusive nightclub.

2Real car models & skins

One of the best things about FiveM is that it streams certain assets like skins which makes it extremely easy to replace the Grand Theft Auto V vehicles with their real-life counterparts. Sometimes a little extra elbow grease is needed if you want to adjust handling, light patterns and whatnot, but it is still super easy.

You can even replace the game’s public service vehicles with your local enforcement makes. In the video above you can see that I’m actually driving a Queensland police vehicle!

1JSFour Pack

Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay (GTARP) – JSFOUR criminal records

The ESX essential pack already comes with a a basic identity mod which ads more customisation to player creation like age and gender, but there better identity mods available. One of them is the JSFour pack. It comes the following mods; DNA, ID card, MDC (Mobile Dispatch Computer), and criminal record. Each player gets their own ID and firearm license which can be checked by law enforcement. Crimes can be placed on player’s records and DNA samples can be collected from victims and suspects.

If you want some serious role-play, you cannot look past the JSFour pack. It is essential for some hardcore crime and punishment roleplay (GTARP).

The five mods listed above are just some of the most basic mods I would recommend for newbies setting up their own server. Like I said, there are so many awesome mods out there that you could create and host your own dream server that is tailored to your game-play style. We will even help get your started!

What’s the best place to host GTA FiveM server?

Easy. Zap-Hosting, since they are the official host provider for FiveM. You can rent a server from them for as little as AUD$8.15, but today you won’t have to.

Zap-Hosting are sponsoring a handful of FiveM servers; four servers to be exact.

  • Server 1: 32 player server prepaid for 3 months
  • Server 2: 10 player server prepaid for 1 month
  • Server 3: 10 player server prepaid for 1 month
  • Server 4: 10 player server prepaid for 1 month

All of these Zap-Hosting FiveM servers are prepaid and will not automatically renew at the end of the prepaid period, so you don’t even need to enter your payment details. You will, however, get a 12 day grace period at the end of the lease to decide whether or not you want to continue renting the server.

All you got to do is sign up for an account by clicking here and then posting your Zap-Hosting account name the comments below. If you don’t have Facebook and still want to enter just send us a Tweet with your account info.

FiveM is completely free but you will need a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V to play GTARP. We will pick four lucky winners at random after the weekend and let them know by responding to their messages. Good luck!