Here are the All Stars returning for Australian Survivor this summer

Channel 10 knows what’s up; two seasons of Australian Survivor back-to-back is the dream! And our favourite Aussie survivors are returning for another shot at the title; Soul Survivor!

The Public Relations team at Channel 10 have been doing a phenomenal job at getting us hyped for yet another season of Australian Survivor… and it looks like this season is going to epic!

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Coming this summer to 10, Jonathan LaPaglia is about to crank the heat in this already blistering Aussie climate. Our all-time favourite Aussie survivors are returning for another chance at winning a truck-load of money and the title.

10 dropped the trailer for the upcoming season of Australian Survivor which should air either December this year or January, 2020.

The All Stars returning to Australian Survivor are…

Would it shock you if we told you that we predicted this? Earlier this year we wrote a list of of Aussie survivors that deserve a second chance.

Below is the complete list of all the returning Australian Survivor All Stars survivors that will be competing this season.

Locki (Season 2)

Lydia (season 3)


Shane Gould (season 3 winner)

Shane Gould Australian Survivor All Stars and winner

Jericho (season 2 winner)

Jericho Australian Survivor All Stars and winner

Henry (season 3)

Brooke (season 1)


Phoebe (season 1)

Flick (season 1)


Nick (season 1)


Harry Houdini (season 4)

Harry Houdini pulls of another great escape on Aussie Survivor | Sausage Roll

David (season 4)


Tarzan (season 2)

Tarzan aka Mark H

Mat Rogers (season 3)

Mat Rogers

Which one of these Aussie All Stars do you think is going to win the cash and the title this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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