Anisa Jomha banned off Twitch for being lewd & promoting her OnlyFans

Ian “iDubbbz” Carter’s girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, received her first 24 hour ban on Twitch for lewd activity and promoting her OnlyFans account.

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The 26-year-old adult entertainer and OnlyFans superstar first earned her fame for being one of the OG ‘boobie streamers’ before she dated popular YouTube commentator Ian “iDubbbz” Carter.

Anisa, more commonly known as Annie Jay (AnnieJay), is now living a lifestyle independent of iDubbbz and earning a lot more than him. However, her earnings might be at risk after she violated the Twitch Terms of Service and got banned,

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Saturday, 11th April — Anisa Jomha received her first ban from the popular live-streaming platform, Twitch. Since it is her first suspension it only lasts 24 hours, but could end in a permanent ban if her lewd behaviour continues.

Fans are claiming that Anisa Jomha was encouraging fans to seek out her OnlyFans account which is against the Twitch Terms of Service.

Twitch have a very strict policy against promoting other services on their platform, this even includes subscription based services like Patreon. They are, at times, quite lenient when it comes to people violating this term and will usually only enforce it if people are promoting non-family friendly content.

OnlyFans is a ‘sub to rub’ service that is legally considered an adult entertainment porn website and promoting that on Twitch is strictly against the Terms of Service. Seeing as a lot of Anisa Jomha’s viewers are also minors, promoting an adult entertainment site on her Twitch live-stream was considered a serious infringement of their rules.

Anisa Jomha banned

Anisa Jomha banned from Twitch for too much cleavage, showing panties, and promoting OnlyFans.

On the other hand, Anisa Jomha Twitch clips reveal that iDubbbz’ girlfriend may have been banned for ‘revealing too much’ during her live streams.

The video below shows “AnisaJomha” wearing a very tight, golden dress that barely fits her. Not only is the dress barely covering her breasts — cleavage to the max — but when she stands up you can clearly see that the dress rides all the way up showing her panties in a bit of an ‘oopsie upskirt’ moment.

VIDEO: Anisa Jomha is lewd and ‘accidentally’ reveals panties in upskirt.

Although Anisa Jomha was only banned for 24 hours, if she continues to promote her popular OnlyFans account on the platform she may be permanently banned from the platform.

Do you guys think Anisa Jomha violated the Twitch Terms of Service in the video above, and is the ban warranted? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Anisa’s ban has been extended. On top of her lewd behaviour, she watched graphic copyrighted material (Surprise vs. Superskinny) and threatened one of her viewers.

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