Anisa Jomha OnlyFans leaks reveal she doesn’t do nudes

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Anisa Jomha (Annie Jay) become the most popular model on OnlyFans a few days ago as many simps were dying to see what the Content Cop YouTuber, Ian ‘Idubbbz’ Carter, gets to see behind closed door… but many people are disappointed.

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A fan was very disappointed after allegedly wasting USD$12 to see Anisa Jomha’s nudes on the popular Pay Per Nude adult entertainment website OnlyFans.

Despite of being one of the most popular models on the platform Anisa Jomha is not baring it all on her ‘lewd account’. Idubbbz girlfriend has allegedly been censoring her private parts with emojis and only posting pictures of herself in lingerer and ordinary underwear.

The annoyed fan put together a compilation of Anisa Jomha’s OnlyFan pictures uploaded them revealing that the model only posts non-nude and censored pictures.

Picture AnnjeJayTweets

Anisa Jomha OnlyFans leaks reveal she doesn’t do nudes.

“Who would pay $12 for non-nude pictures of this girl,” one guy wrote on Reddit.

After the OnlyFans leaks surfaced curious fans asked whether she had any intention of posting anything more than underwear and censored pictures to which she responded, “Sorry. No nudes. Only lewd and implied pictures.”

Anisa Jomha OnlyFans leaks: Message claims she doesn’t do nudes.

The message was leaked and resulted in people unsubscribing from her OnlyFans en masse.

A similar thing happened to Neekolul, more commonly known as the ‘OK boomer’ girl when she revealed that she had a boyfriend.

However, Anisa’s Tweet did more than just affect her position at OnlyFans; many outraged simps are now campaigning on exposing Idubbbz’ girlfriend by leaking private conversations from her Discord channel.

Old leaks hint Chris Ray Gun made her make OnlyFans account

Fans of the Content Cop YouTuber creator Ian “Idubbbz” Carter have always been suspicious of how close YouTuber/Musician Chris Ray Gun appeared to be to Anisa Jomha, and many speculated that there might be more to there relationship.

When Anisa first announced that she had a ‘lewd Twitter account’ some internet sleuths were quick to dig up receipts showing that Chris Ray Gun was among, if not, the first to follow that account.

Anisa Johma (Annie Jay) OnlyFans leaks: Is she cheating with Chris Ray Gun?

In 2017 a “close friend” of Anisa Jomha’s leaked several private messages from her Discord channel revealing that Chris Ray Gun ‘always stood up for her when her boyfriend, Idubbz, wouldn’t’.

Additionally she revealed that one of her male friends, who she was very close to, encouraged her to break up with Idubbbz in 2017 because ‘she deserved better’.

During this time Anisa and Chris took a trip together to New York which she documented and uploaded to her channel. The end of the video shows the two of them sitting cosily in the back of an Uber on their way back to the airport.

In light of recent events many are now think that it may have been Chris Ray Gun’s idea for her to start a OnlyFans account after she revealed to him that feels like she’s ‘mooching of Ian’s success’.

Despite the sudden drop in Anisa Jomha’s OnlyFans followers, she is still making a lot of money from the platform and is set to overtake Idubbbz in the coming months.

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