Australian Furry faces 25-year in prison for child abuse material distribution

Australian furry group admin, Nathan Begnell aka Rhae’sor Asnar, faces up to 25 years in prison for grooming minors and distributing child abuse material.

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Australian furry who goes by Rhae’Sor Asnar (Nathan Begnell) was arrested and charged with 303 counts of processing and distributing child abuse material as well as grooming minors in his Furry Discord server. He’s now looking at a 25-year prison sentence.

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Begnell applied for bail claiming that he felt unsafe in custody and wanted his own freedom in late September.

“My anxiety … I don’t feel comfortable or safe wherever I am right now,” he said.

Australian furry
37-year-old Australian furry Nathan Begnell arrested in Melbourne, Australia.

After his appeal was rejected the 37-year-old Australian furry was seen in the Melbourne Magistrates Court the following Thursday wearing a black Star Wars t-shirt with Yoda on it while sobbing, bowing his head and shielding his face with his hands.

The prosecution is confident that Begnell will be punished to the full extent of the law which means that he is looking at 25 years in prison. Even his defence attorney, Sarah Lenthall, conceded it was “a very strong prosecution case” and he will most likely spend a substantial time behind bars.

Furry/Dogkin was a Discord admin for VicPAH.

Not only did Mr Begnell share disturbing images through the Telegram Messaging App, he was also an administrator for a Discord server for furries called VicPAH (Victorian Pubs and Handlers). The Discord group had over 450 members, including minors. He used his platform to distribute images of child abuse and groom minors.

Australian furry
How furries are seen by most normal people.

Begnell’s Twitter profile, which ironically states that minors should not contact him, reveals that he acted as the social media manager for VicPAH while he was volunteering for the State Emergency Service.

The official website for the fetish community shows other committee members that are reportedly also being investigated.

It’s alleged the now-sacked SES volunteer from Werribee, in Melbourne’s southwest, created the discord chat room March 2018, and shared over 1900 images.

More than 80 percent of the images were animated or computer generated, but police describe them as “extremely realistic”. Some images were reportedly of real child abuse obtained via the dark web.

Australian furry
Australian furry and dogkin Mr Begnell walk of shame after being arrested and charged.

Detective Senior Constable Cassie Borg revealed that the majority of the images shared showed pre-pubescent boys, bondage and bestiality and had a homosexual theme.

He also allegedly used it to advertise other groups, including one with a focus on furries – someone interested in animals with human features – and BDSM.

What is a furry?

A furry is someone who has believes they have an animal alter-ego and, on occasion, dresses for the part.

Australian furry
Begnell on Telegram as Rhae’sor Ansar his alter-ego dogkin.

Although parts of the furry community are mostly just interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics, the subculture also has its problem with fetishism… and that is the case for Begnell.

He shared pictures of children he took himself.

Police are also examining chat logs from the group, which Detective Borg claims included a message from Begnell attached to pictures of children at an Anzac Day parade in Melbourne, with the caption “there’s so much eye candy”.

Detective Borg also requested that the courts reject any future bail requests because of the severity of his case. He believes their may be other high profile offenders in his group which he intends to identify.

Sadly the word got out about Begnell’s arrest after a link was posted to the breaking news story in the server and the majority of the members have already left the Discord group and deleted any evidence they could.

Nathan Bergnell aka Rhae’Sor Asnar has not yet been sentenced, but he will most likely get 25 years.

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