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Ava Louise trolls Twitter with lewd censored nude photo

Ava Louise maybe 2020’s biggest troll and we’re just way too sensitive to spot it. From Coronavirus challenge to self-censored nudes, she’s loving the spotlight.

Ava Louise made international headlines when she posted a TikTok video of herself licking a toilet seat with the caption “CoronaVirus challenge” earlier last month. She then followed up with a big, “f*ck you, boomer” response video which outraged even more fans. But, is this socialite really just a troll?

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The 21-year-old wealthy socialite from New Jersey responded to outraged mainstream media that called her out for ‘starting a dangerous trend’ amidst coronavirus concerns. She alleged that it was just a joke and that she didn’t think anyone would take it seriously.

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She admitted that she was on a private jet and that the toilet seat had been bleach cleaned moments before she made the infamous ‘CoronaVirus challenge’ video.

Ava Louise trolls Twitter with lewds and nudes. Shares censored nude photo on Twitter.

Ava Louise trolls Twitter with lewds and nudes. Shares censored nude photo on Twitter.

Ava Louise then followed up with a video response that was even more outrageous than the original video, where implied that boomers dying would be a good thing. However, a lot of people missed one of the key lines that hints that she was, in fact, just trolling her haters.

VIDEO: Ava Louise is trolling trolls?

“You ruined the economy and raised clout chasing idiots like me; the person you all hate so much,” she admitted in her response.

At the same time of blaming ‘boomers’ for ruining the economy she also bragged about her earning a lot of money from the publicity of the ‘CoronaVirus challenge’ video, suggesting, yet again, that she was just trolling.

Ava Louise has since mocked haters by posting rather sexually suggestive video with her and a bottle of Corona beer on Twitter with the comment, “ugh, give me corona, I’m bored.”

Ava Louise now has over 10,000 followers on Twitter and close to 200,000 on Instagram which is proof enough that this controversy helped her more than it hurt her.

Ava Louise continues to post lewd and nude photos that test the boundaries of Instagram’s rules.

Ava Louise posted (warning, although her nudes are censored, still NSFW) a self censored nude picture on Twitter since there are no rules against posting nudes or lewds on that platform. But only time will tell if Ava Louise is a master troll or not.

What do you guys think, is Ava Louise a troll? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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