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Daniel Keem aka Keemstar alleges that gets muted by everyone on Twitter

Drama Alert host Daniel Keem got hit with a glitch which meant he couldn’t read any replies or DMs. Fans think it’s karma.

A strange glitch that only seemed to affect Keemstar’s Twitter account left the Drama Alert host in the dark; he couldn’t see other people’s Tweets or messages.

His followers couldn’t help but laugh as Keem as they believed this was pure karma.

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Keemstar, who was just in Melbourne Australia doing a meet-and-greet at GG EZ E-sports bar, is the sort of guy that most people either love or hate. He’s often been at the heart of controversy and has been the target of many insulting commentary videos.

In spite of the onslaught of videos calling the him out, and even at one point having been banned off YouTube, Keem is thriving in his career as an online celebrity and YouTube gossip news host.

Keemstar peace sign

Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, YouTube star, posts selfie on Twitter on plane to Australia

But when Keem checked his Twitter on Thursday morning he couldn’t read other people’s Tweets, replies, or even direct messages, or so alleges. He begged Twitter for help.

Twitter responded to Keem’s complaint and said they were looking into the problem that, somehow, only seemed to be affecting a select few.

Eventually, much to many of his follower’s dismay, his account was restored to normal. The fun was over for the haters.

Some people even speculated that Keem was faking the techinical difficulties for extra drama by simple changing his phone’s font colour to white.

Regardless, Keemstar can now read your replies and is back to sh*tposting on Twitter. Hooray?

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