Ethan Klein of H3H3productions calls Keemstar a pedo and his fans incels

The popular YouTuber known for his hilarious videos where he criticises people is now angry that people are criticising his friend Ian “iDubbbz” Carter.

Ethan Klein has felt the need to stand up for his dear friend after people criticised him for his hypocrisy and called him a ‘cuck’ for being fine with his girlfriend selling her nudes.

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Ethan Kldin has called out every single person that has shared the ‘iDubbbz cuck’ meme saying they are all incels who live their parents basement, but the person who is receiving the most flack from him is controversial Internet drama reporter Daniel “Keemstar” Keem.

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Keemstar has been called a ‘paedophile’ by the popular YouTube in a series of Tweets and is currently asking his fans to dig up dirt on the Drama Alert host.

Ethan Klein’s YouTube channel H3H3Productions started to decline in popularity once he started engaging in divisive politics. He even officially endorsed the socialist democrat Bernie Sanders with a USD$1000 domination.

Ethan Klein H3H3 tweets Keemstar pedo

Ethan Klein of H3H3productions calls Keemstar a pedo, Paul Joseph Watson a terrorist, and his fans incels.

Not only has Ethan Klein called Keemstar a paedophile, but he has also called out British conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson for being a dangerous ‘terrorist’.

Jeremy from The Quartering made a video highlighting Ethan Kline’s hypocrisy for attacking attacking Keemstar, Paul Joseph Watson and anyone else who called Ian “iDubbbz” Carter a cuck.

“In a lot of ways Ethan is simping for iDubbbz, which he clearly is,” Jeremy said in regards to Ethan’s response on those who called iDubbbz a cuck.

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“You are the most unf*ckable repulsive creature, just sad. You are a simp, bro — a simpleton — simple minded. You are concerned about other people’s relationship when you don’t work on your own physical appearance and improve your ability to attract women.”

Ethan stutters, his bodily shaking with anger, as he continues, “You are vile slime of a human, and nobody will ever want you because you are so pathetic.”

Ethan’s better half, Hila, was clearly not on the same boat as Ethan as she told him to ‘calm down.’

According to Social Blade stats, the H3H3productions YouTube channel had been slowly stagnating until Ethan Klein decided to chip in on the iDubbbz drama, but despite his take on those who use the ‘simp’ meme he still appears to have the support of his community albeit the dislikes more than doubling on his latest podcast.

What’s your take on the Ethan Klein’s comments in his last podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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