Lawyer angry after Amouranth promoted OnlyFans to his underage son

A lawyer believes Twitch is turning into an X-rated star after finding out streamers are promoting their OnlyFans.

High profile attorneys are preparing a case against the popular Amazon owned streaming service Twitch TV after a shocking study that reveals children are being sold p*rnographic material on the platform.

A lawyer is outraged after discovering a message from Amouranth promoting her OnlyFans to his underage son — Twitch, formerly Justin TV, used to be a service for people to watch livestreamed gameplay. However, through the years gaming content has been falling off the frontpage as former cam girls are now dominating the space.

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A quick visit to the Just Chatting page of Twitch will reveal hundreds of live channels with scantily clad girls either soaking it up in a hot tub, twerking, or doing some kind of s*xeually suggestive challenge. Even though most of these channels are clearly in the violation of Twitch’s own Community Guidelines, they’ve failed to act.

Twitch TV goes X-rated.

This has resulted in streams becoming more and more risqué, so much in fact that there’s now a very thin line separating adult cam sites and Twitch TV. Adult entertainer and Just Chatting Twitch streamer known as MissBehavin (MissBehavinOfficial on Twitch) flashed everything during of her livestreams where she was seductively dancing in lingerie.

MissBehavin (MissBehavinOfficial) shows EVERYTHING on Twitch.

Despite turning her stream X-rated, MissBehavin (MissBehavinOfficial on Twitch) only received a 3-day ban off the platfor. MissBehavin returned after her 3-day suspension with her Twitch channel MissBehavinOfficial and partnership still active.

Althought not as bad as MissBehavin, another streamer called IndieFoxx — notoriously known for making false allegations against popular streamer Reckful a week before he took his own life — would write the name of subscribers on her barely covered breasts.

MissBehavin face
MissBehavin (MissBehavinOfficial) receives only 3-day ban for showing everything.

This kind of activity have parents worried, that includes one prolific lawyer who noticed that a popular Twitch streamer called Amouranth was promoting her X-rated OnlyFans account to his 13-year-old son via the Twitch direct message system.

“I was absolutely shocked when my 13-year-old son asked if he could borrow my card to support his favourite streamer,” he said.

Amouranth promoting OnlyFans to minors.

“When I asked who, he hesitated. He couldn’t be honest about his intentions. So, when I walked into his room I saw that he was watching a Twitch streamer who goes by the name Amouranth.”

Amouranth cosplay
Amouranth has thousands and thousands of underage fans.

He explains that he’s never giving his son his credit card credentials and was confused to discover that he had somehow subscribed to Amouranth’s Twitch channel.

“I was absolutely livid. I shouted at my son and accused him of using my credit card without my strict permission. That’s when he told me that someone gifted him the subscription. When I looked at his profile I saw a ‘gifted subscriptions’ under his profile. He wasn’t lying,” he added.

He did a bit of research on Amouranth and found out that she’s at least 27-years-old and is an adult entertainer with an active OnlyFans account.

Lawyer finds Amouranth promoting OnlyFans via Twitch.

He continued: “All I did was Google search Amouranth and I was bombarded with hundreds of inappropriate images of an adult woman called Kaitlyn Siragusa. She had also sent a direct message to my son promoting her OnlyFans account.”

According to Lilly Walker at DramaReport, this is not Amouranth’s first time promoting her OnlyFans to her subscribers. The Twitch streamer uses the “message subscribers” feature to spam people with promotions of her X-rated OnlyFans account.

Majority of Twitch users are under 18.

The concerned father is currently conducting his own study on Twitch and so far he’s convinced that the vast majority of viewers on the platform are children under the age of 17.

“Current studies show that the majority of Twitch users are supposedly between 20 and 29, but these statistics are very skewed. Any child can lie about their age so they can see 18+ content on Twitch. We’re currently looking into this,” he said.

He also believes Twitch’s algorithm deliberately promotes adult content to get more views and more clicks.

“The frontpage is filled with similar content and most of it is definitely not suitable for children. The minimum age requirements for having a Twitch account is 13, so Twitch should be a lot more cautious with this kind of content. If they want to continue hosting adult content — that’s fine — but then they need to implement some kind of age verification.”

“It is clear that the algorithm is pushing this type of content. A little known adult entertainer will be featured on the frontpage with tens of thousands of views. These channels will always pop up in your recommended and the Just Chatting section is littered with this junk,” the lawyer said.

“Sadly, there are no laws currently in place to protect our children from being exposed to harmful content on the Internet but my colleagues and I are hopeful that we can influence lawmakers to work with us into reintroducing something similar to COPA [The Child Online Protection Act].”

The Child Online Protection Act was passed in the USA in 1998. Its purpose is to restrict access by minors to any material defined as harmful to such minors on the Internet. The law, however, never took effect, as three separate rounds of litigation led to a permanent injunction against the law in 2009.

COPA required all commercial distributors of “material harmful to minors” to restrict their sites from access by minors. “Material harmful to minors” was defined as material that by “contemporary community standards” was judged to appeal to the “prurient interest” and that showed sexual acts or nudity (including female breasts).

“Adult content is too easily and readily available to minors who have access to the Internet today, which I would say is most. Twitch is a perfect example of that; it’s a service marketed for young gamers and it essentially operates as a gateway to p*rnography. Something needs to be done about this,” the lawyer concluded.

Amouranth, MissBehavin (MissBehavinOfficial), and IndieFoxx are all currently active on Twitch with their accounts in good standing.

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