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Logan Paul shares tweet about Hillary Clinton body count

Logan Paul has always been a controversial character; at one point even declared the most hated YouTuber. However, he has weathered through it by not changing his tune.

Being turned into a meme is usually a death sentence to your fame and fortune, and Logan Paul has been slammed by the commentary community on many occasions. Regardless, he’s still around today and sharing some shocking tweets.

Did you know?

Logan Paul’s climb to the top hasn’t exactly been easy, he’s been the tourniquet for many smaller YouTubers who have absolutely ragged on him.

Logan Paul has always been held to a higher standard than his content creator counterparts, and that’s probably because of his massive success outside of YouTube. If Logan Paul makes a mistake, you can be sure to count on mob of angry YouTubers coming at him with torches and pitchforks.

Logan Paul beard tweets about Clinton Body Count

Logan Paul likes anti Clinton tweet. Is Logan Paul a right wing conservative?

You’d assume, with the amount of hate that Logan Paul has received in the past, that his career as an entertainer would be close to over… but despite call out culture and other criticisms, Logan Paul’s celebrity profile is still growing.

Logan Paul likes Clinton body count tweet

Perhaps it is because he remains true to himself in spite of his critics. Logan has never been the sort to pander or apologise just for the sake of likes. If he does something that people disprove of, he just gets on with it.

Logan Paul has over 5 million followers on Twitter alone and tweets what he likes when he likes. This week he liked a Tweet from Michael Coudrey, young successful entrepreneur, about the Clinton alleged body count.

Wait, is Logan Paul a right wing conservative? Who knows, and who cares. What is interesting though is how, regardless of political views, many Americans believe that the Clinton family are corrupt and may even be responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Do you think there is any truth to the Clinton body count conspiracy or are people just nuts? Let us know in the comments below.

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