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Neekolul almost burns house down during cooking stream in a maid outfit

Video shows popular Twitch streamer Neekoul almost burn her house during a livestream where she is cooking and trying to do a “cute” TikTok dance in a maid outfit.

Nicole “Neekolul” Sanchez proved to her viewers that, just like most of us, she terrible at multitasking and should probably be cautious when cooking because she nearly burned her house down during her livestream.

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Well, okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration; the 23-year-old streamer had a pot on the stove that boiled over — however — it could have ended a whole lot worse than what it did.

Neeko, or Neekolul, was doing a cooking stream in her very stereotypical and revealing “slutty maids outfit” when she decided to try and shoot a TikTok video.

How old is Neeolul? 35?

23-year-old Neeko (Neekolul) averts tragedy: Twitch partner almost burns house down during cooking stream while filming TikTok video.

While dancing and bopping around all cute-like in her maids outfit for her TikTok video the pot of milk behind starts to boil over. Neekolul spots it, immediately begins to freak out, and tries to get it under control.

“Ahh, [expletive deleted]!” She shouted. “Wait, what? Hello? What… hello? I was trying to do a TikTok. Hello!”

Luckily, Neekolul (Neeko aka OK Boomer girl) got it all under wraps rather quickly (even while wearing that awful maid outfit) because she managed to turn off the stove, and remove the pot, but it could have ended a lot worse.

Two of every five home fires start in the kitchen while food is cooking. Beyond being common, cooking fires are also deadly. On average, they cause 44 percent of home fires, 15 percent of home fire deaths and 38 percent of home fire injuries each year.

Milk, when combined with grease fires, can also cause deadly fireball or explosions.

Although I award Neekolul points for her prompt reaction, sadly I have to deduct points for her cringe TikTok dance, that horrible maid outfit, and obviously for leaving the stove on.

Maybe Neekolul should learn from Stephanie from LazyTown and do her “cooking by the book.” Or, at the very least, give up multitasking.

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