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Neekolul ‘OK boomer’ girl loses followers because of boyfriend

The “Ok Boomer” Girl, Neekolul (or just Neeko) suspended from twitter after revealing on-stream that she has a boyfriend.

A woman who became “internet famous” after posting a video of her supposedly endorsing presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has lost thousands of her newfound followers overnight after revealing more than just her political opinion.

The woman, who’s online alias is “Neekolul”, went viral after posting a video of her dancing to a song featuring the “Ok Boomer” meme while wearing a shirt seemingly endorsing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is currently fighting Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

NEWS: Don’t say this word on Twitter or you’ll get banned.

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As the video began its ascent to virality, many online posters soon became infatuated with the partnered Twitch streamer’s grace, detailing their struggle to not “simp” over her post.

Neekolul old and has boyfriend

Neekolul ‘OK boomer’ girl loses followers because of boyfriend.

As the label is still in its infancy, people are yet to decide whether “simp” is a suiting insult for people who think they are entitled to attention from women as a result of basic decency or civility, or a misogynistic term to shame men who treat women with respect.

In the case of the recently-fame stricken “Neekolul”, it appears to be the prior, after revealing a detail of her personal life that saw a large amount of her new “simp” followers abandon her.

Although Neekolul has tried to keep the fact that she has a boyfriend secret, her fans were quick to discover his identity. Neekolul’s boyfriend is Nick Brotman, a talent manager from Dallas, Texas. You can find him on Instagram @nickbrotman

Nick Brotman

Neekolul and her boyfriend Nick Brotman posted the following image on Snapchat.

It is largely speculated that Nick Brotman is the creative mind behind Neekolul and serves as her agent.

After flooding in popularity on Twitter since she released the video of her dancing in her Bernie shirt last week, Neekolul lost close to 65,000 followers in the space of the 48 hours after revealing the presidential candidate isn’t the only man in her life.

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