Neekolul teases OnlyFans but fans want her on Blacked to support BLM

It was only a matter of time. Neekolul has announced that she will be selling nude, lewd, and cosplay pictures on OnlyFans very soon.

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The Spanish speaking socialist social media influencer announced on Twitter yesterday that she will be opening up a OnlyFans account where she will sell raunchy pictures to her fans.

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Neekolul became an internet sensation overnight with her ‘OK boomer’ TikTok video wherein she endorsed socialist U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Many compared her video to the ‘I bet he doesn’t kiss ya’ meme originally performed by NyannyanCosplay then later by controversial, yet sexy, internet troll Belle Delphine; neither of which have opened OnlyFans accounts.

Belle Delphine did, however, sell censored nudes and lewd photos to her ‘premium SnapChat’ fans via Patreon. She has now disappeared off the internet and it is rumoured that she living a normal life with her partner Josh.

Neekolul has often been called the ‘leftwing Delphine’ due to her hot political takes and — despite benefiting from it — hardcore anti-capitalist stands.

In spite of her far left, anti-capitalist, views she still intends to sell her nudes, lewds, and cosplay pictures on OnlyFans.

Moreover, it seems that — at least for now — Neekolul was merely click-baiting people to get donations for the Black Lives Matter movement.

A lot of celebrities are following suit and are creating staged protest photos to show their support for the movement that has now spread like wildfire across the world, quite literally I might add (as stores and homes are set on fire).

TikTok star Neekolul announces she will sell nudes on OnlyFans for BLM but fans want her on Blacked.

Excited fans think that Neekolul should partner with Blacked (an adult entertainment website which features black male entertainers and white girls) to do a video to support the Black Lives Movement.

So, guys. If you could choose, would you prefer to see a Neekolul OnlyFans or see her featured on Blacked? Let us know in the comments below

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