PewDiePie vid blocked: white guy who spent A$230k to look like BTS Jimin

PewDiePie’s commentary on the guy who spent quarter million dollars on race change surgery to look like BTS Jimin has been globally blocked by AlfDigital.

PewDiePie is not afraid of speaking his mind, even it if means getting a bit of bad press or even blocked on YouTube. The YouTuber got slammed by mainstream media for merely saying that Malaysian fans are a bit more frantic than others and that was turned into a racial issue. Now Felix Kjellberg has something to say about a man who surgically “changed his race” to look more like his K-pop idol, Jimin.

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Did you know?

AlfDigital — a shady Indian YouTube studio whose official website was taken down for scams — blocked PewDiePie’s last video where he discusses how a white British man who had his jaw shaved down, along with numerous other surgeries, to look like his K-pop idol.

The 29-year-old Londoner, Oli London, made headlines back in October 2018 when spent over AUD$141,000 on a series surgeries to look like the Korean boy band star, Jimin, from the popular group BTS.

As many would say, and is clearly evident with the drastic measures he took to look like him, Oli is insanely obsessed with band member Jimin. His journey of transformation to look like his idol took five years. But that wasn’t enough, Oli wanted to under the knife again to look even more like his idol and has now spent an estimated AUD$236,000.

PewDiePie Jimin video blocked by AlfDigital.

Oli was quoted saying, “Basically BTS debuted in 2013 and I was actually living in Korea at the time, and I was watching some TV and BTS performed and I was just amazed by all of them,’ he said.

“I want my entire lifestyle to revolve around K-pop and I want my entire look to look like Jimin because for me he is perfection, his jaw shape, his lips his voice, everything.”

Oli, white guy has surgery to look like Jimin

Oli London: Does this white guy look like Jimin after surgery?

“Well, he’s not wrong, if you’re going to pick anyone to look like then Jimin is not a bad pick at least… if you’re Korean,” PewDiePie said about Oli’s choice. “Oh God,” Felix continued, “I don’t want to be mean, but it’s going to be hard.”

Oli has a crush on Jimin

PewDiePie was perplexed by Oli’s decision to change his race and summed it up by explaining it as,” he’s like a 12-year-old girl trapped in a grown man’s body… that’s what this is.”

Oli later admitted to having a crush on Jimin which even further baffled the popular YouTube content creator, “it’s getting creepier as we go.”

Oli showed a picture of himself — very handsome young man with brown hair — pre-surgery saying that he doesn’t recognise or relate it.

Oli London before surgery

This white guy wants to look like Jimin, has surgery.

“Now here’s where things get real cringe,” PewDiePie warned ahead of the segment where Oli confronts his family and friends. They were not impressed and worried that his quest to look like his K-pop crush would becoming an addiction. “I’m not going to become addicted,” Oli assured his friends as PewDiePie facepalmed.

I’m not trying to change my race

Although Oli denies wanting to change his race he has admitted that he wants to look as close as possible to Korean. He has a lot of surgeries planned which kind of proves that he is addicted, as PewDiePie pointed out. One of the surgeries is to cut parts out around his eyes and make them slant like the Koreans. He also wants to shave his cheekbones down to meet his lips.

“He’s doing another surgery guys, the first 500 didn’t do the trick… but he’s not addicted,” a sarcastic PewDiePie added.

I’m not Michael Jackson, I’m Jimin

After recovering from the cheekbone and eye surgery Oli heads to a local Korean bar to see if he passes as Korean but the locals can barely contain their laughter as they respond, “you look like Michael Jackson.”

Oli, clearly distraught, says that he’s not Michael Jackson, he’s Jimin and that he would never go as far as Jackson went. But then he proceeds to say that he’s not done yet and needs a few more surgeries before he’s perfect.

“You’re not Jimin, you’re Oli,” PewDiePie concluded in his video, “he’s doing this to be happy, which there’s nothing wrong with, but you’re not truly going to be happy by trying to be someone that you’re not. Be yourself, because nobody else can be you, better than you can.”

Do you think Oli London’s surgery has paid off? Does he look like the BTS boy band superstar, Jimin? Let us know in the comments below.

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