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Pokimane’s boyfriend has reportedly being trolling her fans on Twitter

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Pokimane mod reveals “boyfriend” is a banned word in her Twitch chat

One of Pokimane’s Twitch mods just leaked the list of words she has banned from her chat; including “boyfriend” and “leafy”. It’s pretty hilarious.

The host of DramaAlert — the web’s post popular drama channel — Daniel “Keemstar” Keem just revealed that he had one of Pokimane’s Twitch mods on his payroll and they just leaked the list of words that she has banned.

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Pokimane has been losing subscribers like mad since it was revealed by controversial YouTube commentator that she has a boyfriend; reaffirming the notion that most of her top tier subscribers think of her like a cyber-girlfriend.

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Pokimane responded to the allegations with a tweet teasing the reveal of her boyfriend, but much to the dismay of her fans, it was just a picture of her with a cardboard cutout of former U.S. president Barack Obama.

The attempt at downplaying the boyfriend expose failed and Pokimane had introduce new words into her ban list. The Pokimane banned word list includes: has bf, has a bf and tier 3.

Among some of the other words on her ban lists are multiple variations of Leafy; the YouTuber who recently exposed Pokimane for having a boyfriend and lying about it in his video entitled “Content Nuke: Pokimane” (which is also on the list).

Pokemane banned words

Pokimane Twitch mod on Keemstar’s payroll leaks banned words: bf, leafy, fart, istagundam.

ItsAGundam, Keemstar, Diesel Patches, and most other content creators who have ever criticised her are also on the ban list.

One of the funnier items on Pokimane’s banned word list is Pokimane fart compilation 4K HDR Dolby Digital. Sadly, we couldn’t find that video because it appears she copy-striked it. However, we did manage to dig up this little video.

Pokimane is still the most successful female Twitch streamer despite her recent sub loss. The sudden drop in tier 3 subscribers barely made a dint on her channel, although it would be enough to bankrupt some of the smaller streamers.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys continues to grow her brand online and is on the fast track to achieving superstardom status.

She is yet to confirm nor deny the allegations about having a boyfriend, and according to her banned word list, it doesn’t seem likely that she will.

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