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Shane Dawson teases a very bizarre two part video series

Shane’s first video after his World of Jeffree Starr video was viewed over 8 million times, he is now teasing a very bizarre new series.

Shane Dawson is getting people hyped on Twitter by teasing a ‘very bizarre yet fun’ new two part video series.

He teased fans with a few screen-grabs of his latest video and nobody has the slightest clue what the next video series is about… only that it is purportedly ‘bizarre’.

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Dawson has been a busy little bee this past year and he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon. Just last week he unveiled his new Diet Cola and Pig hoodies which are selling like hotcakes. Now, the massive YouTube celeb is now about to release another video only two weeks after his official return to his classic self (of making vlogs and conspiracy videos).

Shane Dawson wearing Diet Cola hoodie

Shane Dawson teases a very bizarre two part video series.

He revealed that the new two part series will be exclusively uploaded to his secondary channel, Shane Glossin, a name that he came up with in one of the World of Jeffree Starr videos while enjoying the company of his YouTube buds Jeffree Starr and Rich Lux.

“It [the video series] will be on the Glossin channel but it feels kinda like a 2018 main channel video haha,” Shane answered an eager fan.

The first part of the ‘bizarre yet fun’ series will premier on Shane Dawson’s second channel on Wednesday, February 19th.

What is your favourite Shane Dawson video series so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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