Small YouTuber banned for nudity for posting Twitch hot tub streams

Twitch: The Hot Tub Fap Machine

A small YouTuber who uploaded archives of streams was banned for “sex and nudity” for uploading highlights of Twitch hot tub streams.

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Perhaps it says a lot when Twitch ‘Just Chatting’ streams are considered to be be too sexual for YouTube. A small YouTuber received a permanent ban for archiving the Just Chatting hot tub streams on his channel.

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A small YouTuber who had 7,000 subscribers woke up to find that he had been banned off YouTube. The YouTuber had received 3 consecutive strikes for ‘sex and nudity’ on his channel and his channel was immediately banned off the platform.

“Hi Shawna, I read your article about YouTube letting X-rated content slide on their service but my YouTube channel was banned last night because I uploaded highlights from Twitch’s Just Chatting hot tub streams,” the YouTuber said in an email.

YouTube strike notice

They continued: “I didn’t censor any of the content, my channel wasn’t even monetised. I had about half a million video views and 7000 subscribers before I got banned.”

According the YouTuber the ban was for ‘sex and nudity’ and there was no option to appeal their decision.

“It kind of sucks but I’m more confused why YouTube decided to take action on my channel. This type of content is considered to be safe by Twitch and they have a much stricter policy on adult content,” they added.

YouTube has a problem with X-rated content on their platform. A lot of adult videos are posted under the guise of educational content, some videos even directly ripped from Pornhub, and despite people reporting it the videos still remain live today.

If you search for “Sugar Hair Removal” YouTube will bring up a plethora of uncensored videos of women playing with themselves while shaving/waxing.

One video titled “BRAZILIAN WAX- FULL TUTORIAL IN UNDER 10 MINUTES” has over 7 million views and has been live since May, 2019. The video shows an uncensored slideshow of the process of a woman waxing her genitalia. Although the video is age restricted — meaning that Team YouTube has manually reviewed the video — the thumbnail alone shows everything. Which, according to YouTube’s own guidelines, is a violation.

Indiefoxx in a hot tub on Twitch

The aforementioned video is still live today despite us bringing it, yet again, to Team YouTube’s attention in April 9th.

YouTube also allowed an X-rated ad to play before family friendly content last year. We recorded the ad and uploaded it to the official Sausage Roll YouTube channel and also received a strike for sex and nudity. Team YouTube even rejected our appeal after we stated that the same video was being used as an ad on their own platform.

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YouTube also allows “Naked/Nude Yoga” videos on their platform as educational material. A quick search for the term “Naked/Nude Yoga” on YouTube will yield thousands of videos of naked women in compromising and sexually suggestive position.

The small YouTuber is worried that his primary channel which is used for gaming content will get banned next.

“Could you please censor out my details if you write an article about this? I have a main gaming channel which could be linked to my Just Chatting highlights channel and I am worried that YouTube may delete that for ban evasion if they find out,” they said.

YouTube are very inconsistent on when they enforce their policies for nudity and sexual content but maybe Twitch should reconsider their position on hot tub live streams especially now that they are not even allowed on YouTube.

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