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MDI: Watch Aussies battle it out live from Sydney

This weekend, some of the best World of Warcraft dungeon-runners from around the globe are set to go head-to-head live in Sydney as part of the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Spring Finals.

The cumulation of the first 2019 MDI season, this tournament will see the top four teams from MDI West and the top four teams from MDI East, including Australian team, Fullscreened, race against the clock to determine who will be the MDI Spring Champions. The winner will claim their share of a $100,000 USD prize pool, while the top two teams will punch their ticket to BlizzCon in November.

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Each of the eight teams will face off in a best-of-three double-elimination bracket (except for the finals, which will be a best-of-five). Teams have been seeded based on their point totals in their respective division:


  • Method EU
  • Method NA
  • Abrakeydabra
  • Forty K


  • Team D
  • Black Mamba
  • Fullscreened
MDI best players | Sausage Roll

For this tournament, players will be allowed to swap to different characters after each dungeon with no restrictions on classes, races, or factions. As a result, Siege of Boralus has been added to the pool of dungeons, and teams will be able to choose which starting point to use based on their chosen faction.

Catch all the action live at from the following times:

  • Day 1: Friday, 7 June from 4pm AEST/6pm NZST
  • Day 2: Saturday, 8 June from 6pm AEST/8pm NZST
  • Day 3: Saturday, 9 June from 6pm AEST/8pm NZST

For more information, the full list of teams and players, details on the international casting team, and a comprehensive list of affixes across each dungeon, visit the World of Warcraft website.

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