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Aquaman is gay but Jason Momoa’s version won’t be

It was revealed that Aquaman is gay in the latest episode of the animated series Young Justice: Outsiders, but it won’t affect Jason Momoa’s version.

In the episode Quiet Conversations, Kaldur-ahm is shown kissing Wynnde, a citizen of Atlanta who serves King Orin. The scene in questions received praised on social media, with many calling it a historic moment for the LGBTQ community. But, those asking Jason Momoa’s Aquaman to follow suit, might be disappointed.

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The current DC cinematic universe is currently in a state of limbo, and although there is an Aquaman sequel slated for a 2022 release, the future for the seaborne super-hero is looking a bit bleak. DC’s and Warner Brother’s current vision of the Justice League universe hasn’t exactly been met with praise and Warner Brothers are already working on a reboot with Matt Reeves’ new Batman film starring Robert Pattinson.

We’d certainly love to see any future cinematic version of Aquaman proudly wave the LGBT flag, but it may be a little too late to, all the suddenly, reveal Jason Momoa’s Aquaman to be queer. It wont feel genuine at this point. Perhaps in the next cinematic reboot? I would love to see a properly fleshed out LGBT super-hero rather than a brief mention of the character’s sexuality as a sort of fan service.

As a kid reading the Aquaman comics, for some reason, I have always imagined him being queer. I don’t exactly know why, for all I know it could have just been his outfit or his long lush golden blond hair, but I am almost certain that there was something more to it.

I love that Aquaman is gay, but what are your thoughts? Do you feel that DC should out Aquaman as a proud queer in the next movie?

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